Lee Asher's BS Control

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  1. I dont see it anymore in the download section?

    Is it just me or it got taken down?

  2. Its explained in one of his booklets. I never thought it can look good until I saw the video.
  3. I was wondering the same thing about Aaron Fisher's 1 on 1's
  4. There was a thread awhile ago explaining. There contracts were up and they decided to take their intellectual property's with them no hard feelings
  5. Looks like Lee is perhaps part of E now?

    Well, at least he performed a video for their new cards.
  6. I wouldn't think anything of it, Matt, so did heaps of other 'professionals'.
  7. haha very true.

    I did hear a few reasons as to why Aaron left, but I think I will keep them to myself.

    Good times, good times.
  8. um you do know jb did a video for e too....and daniel garcia...and the bucks and wayne houchin..and daniel madison did one for de'vo that was on e...so yea
  9. Where :confused:

    I can only see Lee's and a few others;

  10. I think he means in the past - All of those guys have worked with both companies, I'm not sure why people feel that when you release something with a company you can't ever work with anyone else :S

    Sometimes you'll find yourself contracted for x amount of releases or for a certain period of time, but that doesn't mean that you're iron clad to one company for ever and ever and everrrrrr! :p

  11. Dee - I understand your point, but it doesnt make sense to put out an exclusive 1 on 1 for Theory 11 and then take it down when the contract is up. If Chris Kenner decided to do that half of the 1 on 1's would be missing.
  12. Things are withdrawn from the market allll the time - Not just in magic either!

    In this instance, the DL featured Lee and was produced by T11 - I imagine that the content belongs to T11 and Lee, so if Lee isn't working with T11 anymore, then why would he keep up a DL that's 50% theirs when he can do it on his own site and keep all the profit?

    Of course it'd have to be re-shot because why would T11 let Lee make money off content that's a % theirs?

    It makes perfect sense - I don't see where the confusion has stemmed from :S

    I doubt Chris would take down his DL's - Don't worry! He's Like the King of T11 :p

  13. Lee Asher left too? Hmm.

    Not going to speculate on why it is, but I just find it odd that for such a young company that started out with everyone so enthusiastic about it that so many people have left it.
  14. Lee, I am sure left because he is persuing other things. He has been all over the place recently, and is even preparing for a trip to Japan I believe.

    Dee - I understand your point, but I still don't see why even if your contract was up, would you want to take a download down that could potentially get you more money. The BS Control, although not a great move, can come in handy sometimes. He does have the move his sample PDF as well. Although the visual instructions are probably great, so is being able to read it and test things out for your own.

    I wonder what would happen for those who lost files or had a hard drive crash. Would they be able to get the videos back that they paid for? Or are the owners of the trick going to say no, because the contract is up. Interesting.
  15. The fact that the move is in a PDF of his would be a perfect reason to have the download taken down, it would then mean that the move was only available from one source... Him.

    There could be a million reasons to take the downloads down, but I'm sure that whatever the reason, it was in the best interests of the artist.

    Re lost files, the files would still be replaced, just because it's not for sale doesn't mean that it doesn't exist anymore - That's another upside to digital products.


  16. Yet Witness is still for sale. :)
  17. Yep...

    Not sure why you're directing negativity toward me in your responses, I'm simply giving a little insight on the situation as I see it - I'm not involved, naturally, so if you want all the little details and specifics, perhaps you should speak to the Artist involved or T11???

    At the end of the day, it's quite simple, Lee says take the DL's down, the DL's come down.. I've done it, Madison's done it, most artists with products out have probably done it at some point - It's not uncommon, as I mentioned before and could be because of any number of reasons.

    The downloads are gone at present - The end :p

  18. Dee, I wasn't trying to come off as negative towards you. It was a discussion, I liked your responses, so I responded back with some of my own insites. No harm was intended as I didn't see my responses directed at you as an attack of any kind.

    Cheers man.

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