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    Hey guys. Have any of you seen this awesome effect? The Linking Cigarette by Akira Fujii was released by SEO Magic not too long ago. You can find it and watch a video here:

    I was wondering if anyone has bought it or played with the classic. Also, I'm curious about how awesome you guys think this effect is. Comment away.

    P.S. I will be buying this very soon.
  2. Holy ****, thats crazy.

  3. I think it's an amazing effect. When I saw the video on Eric Jones' Youtube, my jaw literally dropped. Although I don't have it yet, I'll be buying it after the new years.
  4. The method is actually fairly simple, and it's 100% impromptu - I'm actually getting this soon (although I won't be using cigarettes - twigs, small pencils, and toothpicks more like.)
  5. It's not the old match stick trick is it?

  6. Sort of. It's based off of that trick, but it's WAY better. So devious.
  7. I might be easily impressed or something but thats one of the most amazing things i've seen. As a smoker I have to get this and as a magician I also have to get this.
  8. Sickkkk. That is all.

  9. I just got this and let me say its AMAZING!!!. Even when you know the secret and perform it you still ask yourself how did I do that. Another great thing is its so simple, and can be learnt in minutes. I love the angle proofness.
  10. This is one of the most visual pieces of magic I've seen in awhile. Definitely going to be purchasing it even though I have an idea how it is performed.
  11. If I get it I will probably do it at snack or lunchtime at school onl with pretzel sticks......Now thats organic magic!
  12. This looked intense when I saw it, I hope its not a lame method that isn't practical....
  13. ^ you wont be disaapointed.
  14. can it be done at any angle? i mean is there a certain angle the spectator should watch it?
  15. Done right, it can be done at almost any angle. Now I cant wait till im 18 so i can actually buy cigarettes to perform this with Lol
  16. i'm pretty sure its the same as a match penetration
  17. The effect doesn't just have to be done with cigarettes. And also, for those thinking it's the classic match penetration, it's based off it. The method is different, and at $30... It's a steal.
  18. Steal of your money. I've seen the effect explained on a free book that you can find at The learned pig project. 30 dollars is an over inflated price for the simplicity of the effect. If it was being sold for 3/4 of that price, maybe I'd say use it. Not to mention that the method taught uses cigarettes, I'd rather used the match sticks since cigarettes are becoming harder to find outside of bars and some restaurants. Smoking has become very frowned upon now a day.

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