Looking for a move

Mar 4, 2008
Here's the situation: I have two cards in my left hand one on top of the other - both are face UP. I need to reverse the bottom card so that it is back to back with the top card.

Basically what I'm asking is: Is there such a thing as a deceptive half pass with two cards?

Uriel Nashofer
Mar 4, 2008
The move used in Asher Twist is a good one it's called the grave turnover I believe.

It won't help me because the card is turned over without the spectator knowing. For this trick they actually think there are 3 cards. IE: two face up jokers and a face down card in between them forming a sandwich.
Jan 4, 2009
West Allis,WI
I assume the cards are in a dealer's grip correct? If so, try using your right hand grip the top card and keep it there to provide cover. At this moment using your left 1st finger buckle the bottom card and briefly hold a pinky break. Next, as you also use your body to move from right to left, rotate the bottom card an maintain the dealers grip as before. Its hard to explain..but ive used this techniuqe(sp) before. Let me know if u have any questions :)
Jun 1, 2009
Im not trying to sound like a jerk here, but is there anyway you can alter the routine so your not in this situation?
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