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  1. How many effects in d+M's "M" use gimmicks? And are the gimmicks made from uncommon material or stuff just like cards and deck boxes? Are the gimmicks lasting or are they one time only and can most of the effects be instantly repeated?
  2. For the most part, the effects in M use very simple gimmicks. The material to make them is not uncommon at all and you will have them. The gimmicks should last in the proper hands. one can say that most of the effects can be reseted easily and repeated. Once is a trick, twice is a lesson though. -BD^2
  3. Thanks, so do you think that it could be set up within a few seconds for example if I was doing this at a party and I did it to one group then walked around a bit and did it to another?
  4. Well, most of the tricks are "one trick" trick gimmicks meaning you can really only do that trick that the gimmick is set up for.
    But yes, you probably could get away with "reseting," you'd just need to do it when no one is looking.
  5. Do you think it is worth it over blood?
  6. Blood is just a marking system,not magic effects.
    Depends on what you want to do
  7. Yes I understand that and sorry I wasn't clear. I have effects planned for a marked deck and I want to get either M or Blood for mental feeling effects. M seems to have strong magic but I'm unsure how practical the gimmicks are. Are some of them ungimmicked? Also, is the Blood system hard to mark or see? With practice is there still a lot of counting involved becasue I have a premarked deck and you have to count down the side or dot for each value, is Blood quicker once memorized?
  8. Blood is perfectly easy to work out once you have the system memorised. It's not difficult to mark or learn, though of course it requires practice. It is quick and there is no counting, only an interpretation of the markings. That said, I do personally find that it is a little difficult to see and the deck has to be too close to my eyes to be comfortable for my liking. It's fine if you can show them their card in front of your face, not so fine if you hand them the deck to cut in their hands.
  9. Crush and Rush use the same gimmick.
    Outcast, Drop and C&S don't really have gimmicks but need setup.
    Wreck uses a gimmick (of sorts).
    7 Crows is impromtu.
    Intranspo needs the same thing as this trick.

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