Magic product you would NEVER recommend.

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  1. The Game is GREAT when used right. It's a take on a phenomenal concept that several well known mentalists have built a lot of rep with.

    When it comes to doing a show for say 500 people and you can pin point 10 people out of the audience and tell them things about themselves in THAT much detail, you WILL be declared the best mind reader they've ever seen.

  2. How is this possible?
    Dee is recommending it, but the rest are against it...brainbusted..

  3. A lot of people don't like the concept as it will most likely cost you a little more money, it's NOT impromptu - you need to know an amount about the person, it can't really be performed to friends or family and it takes an amount of effort and preparation.

    If you are a professional working stage shows, etc, this is a PHENOMENAL tool. It gives you the ability to do things that no other DVDs or books can really teach, it doesn't allow you to create the illusion that you know what they are thinking as you GENUINELY DO KNOW.

    For the uber low price of the booklet, if you are serious about mentalism and putting together a show that blows the standard mentalist out of the water, this booklet is right up your alley.


  4. Yeah see this is a perfect example onto why its bad to go only off these threads onto whether or not you should or should not by an effect.

    Everyone is different and performs in different environments. What others deem useless, other deem as gold.
    With that said I probably should keep quiet with other effects, because I do not want to influence whether or not, you do or do not buy a possible gem for yourself.
  5. Spot on :p

    No disrespect intended to Cedric of course, but aim a bit higher? I understand that plenty of people here love Kevin Parker effects, however I find a majority of his effects impractical and a rip off of older concepts. Just my $0.02.
  6. Besides the fact that an Emmy is for tv show actors and an Academy Awards are for the movie actors, I kind of feel it is no business of one an other to nit pick at other's personal goals.

    But with that said, personal goals should be kept that; personal.

    Just my two cents, keep the change.
  7. Vincenzo Ravina.

    Enough said.
  8. even though there are bad tricks, atleast to certain people, thats your view. Sometimes I dont like tricks that much but I'd never (not) recommned them. Because even in tricks I dont like there are a few points I did pick up from it to add to other effects, or add to my performance in general.
  9. sorry for making this thread guys it was A BIG MISTAKE
  10. Dude, chill out. People can come to share their ideas. It has like 8 pages.

  11. i say (and this goes with out saying) but NEVER buy any thing you dont like. haha i feel silly just writing it.
    but find a theme that fits your style and stick to it.
    "the difference between an armature and a professional is that a professional does 3 great tricks and a armature does a zillion but none of them well"
    find what your good at and stick with it. thats what i say

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