Magic product you would NEVER recommend.

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  1. Well if we wanted to talk about hype and the effect that least lived up to it is probably pressure. Not a horrible effect, but certainly not the hype T11 sprinkled on it.

    The effect I would least recommend is probably Rainmaker by Peter Loughran. Great friend and this trick is amazing, however I know to many of the youtube magicians and this is for outdoors only really. So sorry youtubers this one will just mess up your ceiling and cause mold, well that could be good. Get you outside to actually perform which would be nice.

    Just sort of rambling on over here, many effects will never really seem good to magicians. The biggest reason is practicality, and a few of us actually go out and perform and Riot is something I would never use for this reason.

    I'm still rambling and ranting so please stop reading, please. Don't keep on reading just because there's text. Pretty please don't read anymore of this, you see you're still reading. Human curiosity at it's finest.
  2. Seriously, do not say "u". Myspace and texting are appropriate, but here that's just annoying. Irks me to no end. There's a time and place for it.

    The worst effect I got was...none. I use pretty much all of my effects.

  3. TnR.

  4. You haven't really read the topic at all have you?
    Apart from telling people what the "appropriate" way of typing is, you also come and talk about the worst effect you got. Which was none. So seeing as this was mainly a product question, and you didn't really have anything to add about anything, why did you even post that comment?

    Seems kind of useless to come and rant to people about how to act and then not even adding anything to the topic.
  5. That was not a rant, it was to show that these forums are not a place for, "Lolzor, omg i has nun bad th1ng5, u be stup1d".
    Thats good for most other places but here we giver constructive feedback, also its better to read text that does not consist of u's, omg's and so on.

    And the question was, what is the thing you don't recommend and he said that he has made good decisions and not bought everything that gets hyped up, or is up at T11 or E, although there are good stuff here and there but people tend to get stuff they wont perform.

    I too have nothing that i don't recommend, its all up to the person to decide what suits the person and what he would actually perform.

  6. The Trilogy by Dan and Dave.

    Blahh blah, I know, spam me, call me the devil, you won't get me to change my mind.
    I paid a whole lot of money for a set of 3 dvds and got basically nothing from it.
  7. I don't see your point. You mean you get to decide what way of typing that's appropriate for what places? As far as I'm concerned, very few people to non does not understand the word "u", which was his essential complaint.

    If your point is that people wouldn't understand it, then you might as well tell them not to use fancy words, which is far harder to understand.

    And I do not see why you can't give constructive criticism using the letter "u" instead of "you". Was quite a random comment.

    "he said that he has made good decisions and not bought everything that gets hyped up, or is up at T11 or E, although there are good stuff here and there but people tend to get stuff they wont perform."


    "The worst effect I got was...none. I use pretty much all of my effects."?

    You try to defend him too hard, and worst of all you both share a form of conservative view and think you can tell people how to talk. As far as it's readable it's fine. You don't walk up to people who pronounces things differently and corrects him do you?
  8. thats what she said
  9. Anything by Kevin Parker.

  10. Just to but in this conversation and hopefully end this little dispute. I agree with Orb on this one, he said u which everybody understands just fine and this is an informal type of speaking of a not so serious subject.

    Unfortunately Ian you really didn't contribute to the thread and just wasted space on this one. If there was none then don't comment, but if you had one then it would be okay for the comment about "u" which is still completely unnecessary.

    Does it matter at all? No it doesn't, so maybe you should just let it go. The dude's from Sweden which gives him leeway on this crap which seems to annoy people. You won't remember this post in a week from now so putting so much emphasis on this should be avoided.

    So again two faults from people who had nothing to contribute but decided to say something about completely irrelevant to the post. Btw if you believe I'm being a hypocrite about this, I did contribute just in case you had that thought.
  11. For every 4 magic releases, 3 of them will be rubbish, with one being from Jay Sankey. 4/3 people know that =D

    No but seriously, there's a fair share of rubbish out there, solely made for buyer's remorse.
    Not going to name any.
  12. If you bought all 3 dvds without knowing what was on it and at least the style of teaching, thats your own fault.
  13. I would rate the trilogy as the best product available. and organic as the worst. Both from Dan and Dave. For pressure I would rate it 7 out of 10, because I actually got great reactions from it and it is easy to do.

    And ask any creator they create a whole lot of junk stuff.

    I have myself created a lot of junk, but if I post a video on youtube you all will go crazy, the reason I do not do so is that the method is lame and not at all suitable for the real world. But I believe there should be a platform to publish junk stuff so that in future someone might work on it and make it workable. Take the example of the click change the evolved form of Marlo's snap change.
  14. how do i close this thread this was a big mistake making this
  15. YOU cant.
    Only the administrators here.
    Dont worry about the thread.Just ignore it,let it die.
    Or if you really cant stand it for some reason then talk to raiker.
  16. ^ Seconded :p
  17. Wow, that is one shameless plug :D
  18. [​IMG]

    In all seriousness, I actually enjoy the stuff fro DC. Daniel Madison on the other hand, has some effects (in his pdf's) that have no practical value whatsoever. Some things from Pariah spring to mind. Also Drop from M. Sounded like an awesome effect, but in practice was not so good (How do you get the dropped card to land on the one on the floor? Oh... you don't.)


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