Magicians Hating Magicians

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luis Vega, Jan 4, 2010.

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    thanks for the replies!

    Some posts are great, but I wanna say something...

    I have met a lot of people that dedicate to several types of art, musicians, painters, architects,dancers...etc but it seems that magicians are the only ones that seems to have such a big ego....

    I think is because magicians they are very scarce here, or maybe because they believe the image people give them and not the one you have by yourself which is not good

    among other things this guy told me was that I should never question him, because he was better than me, only because I suggested that he should let people participate more..also I have this friend that his cousin is a magician and that he didn´t like him because he was an egotistical monster...mmm..

    I think everybody should have an Ego check sometimes, because I confess that in the beggining I was a little egotistical because obviously doing magic you gain more attention and people like you more...but this is an empty attention if you only do magic and people only like you because of that..
  2. I believe he is....but as I said maybe he was exagerating

  3. People actually answer like that? *face to knife*
  4. I don't do well around jerks like that Vega. I would have told him to get his own deck from the start. I don't take orders. I probably would have told him off by the end of the night as well. As you can imagine I don't impress easly, and this guy's list of credits is laughable.
  5. I would have laughed at him if he told me to give him the cards. Tho I don't carry around a deck of cards so that point is moot.

    I do think it is very unprofessional and stupid to ask somebody else how much they charge. It's none of your damn business, is how much I charge.
  6. Ehh, teenage guitarists are just as bad as teenage magicians.
  7. I know I'm a moderator and I'm supposed to act all "proper" on here, but you really gotta be ****tin me. Anyone who knows me knows how open and honest I am. I admit to being a complete noob at magic. (Yup, I said noob.) I'm very open to the fact I still consider myself a beginner. I also hate young people who think they are better than everyone else and disrespect the older crowd thinking they disrespect them. (I disagree with nearly everything Daniel Madison said in his artist manifesto video.)

    The reality is that I truly just don't like magicians. I met a magician over the summer at the summer camp I worked at, and I asked him if he ever went to lectures in the city. He said no because he himself did not like magicians for the same reasons I dislike them. (This was before I even said my opinion of magicians.)

    Also, that's funny you said that because 2 of my very few magician friends happen to be in their 30s.:rolleyes: Think before you speak next time. Don't judge others through what you see them type on an internet forum.

    Yes. Exact quote.

  8. Doug, you're a tool.

    I somewhat agree with you, but I need to point out something that you overlooked.
    You don't hate magicians. Otherwise you would never go to or see a magic show again.
    You hate types of magicians.

    You can hate obnoxious magicians,
    You can hate inexperienced magicians,
    You can hate magicians who give you advice and think they're helping you out but in reality, they suck (bad magicians).

    You can't hate magicians altogether because you are one. You chose to be one. So you had to of seen at least 1 magician you liked in the past that brought your interest in magic.

    Also, if you're a magician - what does that mean? You hate yourself?
    Get over it EMO and go practice!
  9. You only replied that way because of the way I once responded to you. I deserve that. ;)

    "You can hate obnoxious magicians." I think we would all hate someone if they were obnoxious.
    "You can hate inexperienced magicians." I don't hate myself.
    "You can hate magicians who give you advice and think they're helping you out but in reality, they suck (bad magicians)." That would be most users on this forum. lol

    Anyway, I should clarify something. I don't hate ALL magicians. I dislike most of them. As I said in my first post in this thread, the majority of them have massive egos, and it's insanely annoying.

    As for me being emo and me practicing, I don't talk about the topic much! I just thought I'd reply in this thread. And Danny, I've had this discussion with you several times on the phone in the past and you agreed with a lot of what I was saying! So don't challenge me on something you agree with me on!


  10. Wow, this topic is picking up steam.

    A couple points - I don't think magicians hate magicians - I think people hate a$$holes in general. I have found good guys in magic to be good guys in life, and vice versa. How many really jerk magicians turn out to be really great guys?

    I also think that the advantages that magic offers seem to attract some real "winners" - as people use it to hit on women, get free stuff, gain popularity, and more - those can certainly be the bi-products we have all experienced, but it takes a "special" kinda someone to make that their main focus.

    Tommy Wonder has a great essay at the start of his second book where he writes the same essay twice - using a "women" as an analogy for magic. It sort of overlaps how I feel some of our outer crust treat magic. Thinking more about what is in it for them, then what they are able to share and learn.

    It is sad that our craft attracks those with poor social skills and the inability to realize they have room to grow - despite how many tricks they know or shows they have done. It isn't about being a magician, it is about being a good the question or concept isn't magicians hating magicians - it is bad apples spoiling it for the bunch....or perhaps the bunch spoiling it for the few good apples.

    I have met many people in magic - many that do tricks, know moves, are funny...but few magicians - I have a higher concept of what it takes to be a magician. It does become difficult to approach the craft with dignity and confidence - when you respect so few that do it around you.

    All I can say is this - I have learnt many things from magic, sadly and for the most part - it is what I don't want to be or do. So, if you hate magicians - like the Mahatma Gandhi said, continue to "be the change you want to see" in our craft.
  11. What can I say,
    I had an epiphany.

    I hate moderator magicians, they're the worst.:rolleyes:
  12. Heaven would be eternity watching r jay toss cards into david copperfields pink ripe belly.
  13. Please don't bump old threads. This thread has been inactive for 11 years.

    Thread locked.

    // L
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