"Matrix Lean"

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  1. I have seen this a couple of times and have a general idea for how it is done, but i have also heard that if it is done wrong it can be very dangerous, does anyone have any idea where i can safely purcase this trick from and about how much it would cost? As well if the "Matrix Lean" is the correct name for the effect.

  2. Well, in the video you linked to, the guy is using his own method. I had an eBook that explained a method, but it was really impractical, and quite time-consuming to build. I also remember it being unsafe.

  3. You are only partially correct, that is Cyrils version of this SUSPENSION. You didn't call it a levitation but I just wanted to stop any unneeded flapping of gums calling this a levitation.
  4. I hope its just a curency difference on that site it says a key is 180$, is there anyway to build one of these?

    And thank you to those who comented.
  5. According to the guy who posted it right here in the media section:

    "I made this effect myself, having worked hard on the blueprints."
  6. Anyone, willing to share how to make the gimmick for rex' supernatural man?
    or so called, matrix suspension??
  7. I am a little skeptical of the statement but I am not one to judge.
  8. Wouldn't "sharing" be considered exposure?

    Just a thought.


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