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  1. Hello Guys,

    I haven't been on here in a while. Which means there haven't been much of a performance video from me. Well I'm here to let you guys check out a couple of my more up to date performances. I had forgot we recorded this as we were just having a blast messing with people's mind. So check it out and add me on youtube.

    Lets all get to know one another! (For those who don't remember me)


    The Urban Entity
  2. this is great! i enjoyed this
  3. thanks...a lot of it was too noisy with the wind and all...i'm glad you like it JNG!!!

    thanks my dude

    The Urban Entity
  4. Mind-reading-performances

    No. It is, however, possible to make someone think you are reading their mind. Basically, you make broad statements and carefully observer their physiological response.

  5. Thanks Marzaly,

    I apprecaite your kind words. You guys don't realize how much this means to me. Also I noticed tons of flaws and I plan on the next installment to fix a lot of that. I just want you guys to be on the look out and continue to show ur support. Also I can be reached at any of the following if you wanted to talk, chat, and discuss anything:


  6. Just so you know, Marszaly is probably just an adbot.
  7. Christopher T,

  8. Hey Cedric

    I watched the whole thing and it was not bad however there is still a lot I would change for the next installment.

    If you would like I will help but it may take some time.
  9. The "Broad Statement" game is how magicians approach this sort of thing, not how Mentalists do it ;-)

    First of all C if you want to attempt some level of "Cold Reading" you may want to pick-up a copy of my FREE PDF on this subject whilst likewise studying everything John Riggs, Bob Cassidy and Jerome Finley have published on the topic of Q&A, etc. Understanding that this is a life-lernt skill that requires constant practice and observation skill development.

    I couldn't make it through all the wind, etc. to see what you were doing (sorry, I just haven't a lot of patience when it comes to long drawn out home movies) That said, I will say that you need to tighten things up a bit; your approach . . . the best way to put it is that you really need an experienced eye to help you fine-tune the blocking and presentation. There's not just one thing that's "wrong" but rather a collection of things that of just slightly out of balance; if tuned up you could slay folks with far greater strength -- psychological impact.

    Yes, I'm being a bit rough but that's part of my job; I rarely compliment someone doing a trick I want to see them present -- to create enchantment. A trick isn't "Magic" they're just the vehicle or tool we use for creating the other. I know dozens of guys who do flawless and technically amazing "tricks" but they can't present them in ways that draw in an audience and deliver that state of wonder that for me at least, is magical -- inspiring even.

    I hope you'll take these views as they are intended.
  10. i noticed so many flaws and a lot of it was me, some were cameras. but i have been grilled on this and i'm glad you noticed it....and i definately will tighten up a lot. thats a promise and a lot of it i wasn't planned, we just took all of what they did and put it together. that was just me being cocky and stuff. i have to admit that. but yeah there are tons of stuff that i promise to fix. tons!

    thanks my dude for feeling me in on that if you want to speak to me about it, just hit me up.


    The Urban Entity

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