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  1. how would i do a name a card trick? like they say a card and when i take out the deck their card is flipped around in the deck or i make it appear?
  2. The first one is called a invisible deck. It’s a speciall deck of cards that you can either buy online or from a magic shop. For making it appear, there are a lot of methods with and without gimmicked cards. One of the best and in my opinion cleanest ways to do that, is a device by Daniel Madison called Angle Z.
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  3. Daniel Madison's device for this is the Advocate not angle z.
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  4. Yeah, I made a mistake. Sorry
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  5. Reverse a card in the deck. Let’s say it is the seven of hearts. Ask them to name a card. It it is the seven of hearts you have a win. If it is another card, do something else.
  6. Reminds me of something Penn had said...

    If you take just a single card in your pocket, and ask every single person in the Times Square to name ANY card, and they name the card you have, and you show them that card, you performed the best magic trick they have ever seen. You don't need ANY sleights or ANYthing else. And there are enough people in the Times Square that you can be sure to hit at least two to three people this way.

    Some words might be here and there, but the rough idea was the same.
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  7. Shirt pocket, left inside jacket pocket, right inside jacket pocket, outside jacket breast pocket, left outside jacket pocket, right outside jacket pocket, left front pants pocket, right front pants pocket, left back pants pocket and right back pants pocket. By my math, your chances are 1 in 5.2.
  8. Throw one in each shoe, in a wallet, and a hat and now you're over 1/4 of the deck
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  9. then hide the rest of the cards around the room
  10. In Times Square. Perfecto.

  11. Then on top of that you have a card in: your wallet, in an envelope, in the card case, in your left shoe, in your right shoe, in your fly, and in your hat. :)

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