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  1. im putting on a show its called "Your mind is not your own". you can get the theme of the show by the name right? well i would just like to know where i can learn some suggestion to force objects. i know some skills but more the better right? or routines to that effect. i want people to feel they have no control over what they will think or choose. so anything to that nature will help. i have enough card effects so i dont need that unless it was coloured cards or esp etc. just not playing cards. phycological forces are well come but i dont really want a mind reading theme.

    anything. anything will be welcome. btw im not a mentalist just because i want to do something different, hard to explain. this show is the 1st step really.
  2. Devin Knight's "Blind Sight" is a phenomenal effect that you might want to add. It only runs like $25 I believe. It has a kicker ending that really blows people away.
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    thank u soo much that is perfect. i love u. just need a few more =]
  4. You know i wanted to do something like this once, anyways as i see you do not do Mentalism for a living or you have just started. What i would use is plain old simple magicians force! Works wonders if you use it correctly.

    And don't take the sentence phrase by phrase. You can do wonders with that kind of a theme. Keep it simple yet effective, i assume Corinda's 13 steps would do wonders!

    Also, repeating forcing is not a good idea. 1 effect using "influence" is enough for one show. People really do get bored if they see the same thing over and over again.

    A few questions that make it easier to anwser the question:

    How long is the show?
    How much experience do you have in mentalism?

  5. A Nod to Pocket Watch by Looch is an awesome, awesome effect. I recommend the handling from his Your Thoughts Are Mine DVD set. It looks and feels like real, spontaneous mindreading. It also plays well close-up and stand-up, alike. I think you'll find good use for it in both your casual and professional performances.

    I also remember seeing Paul Vigil perform a particular card trick that you might be interested in. Aaron DeLong's Believe is a very, very intimate effect in which the performer not only predicts a spectator's mentally selected card, but also predicts a freely thought-of word as well. It's somewhat reminiscent of Daniel Madison's work, but it's much more structured and (in my opinion) it's cleaner in appearance. I also remember seeing Justin Miller doing this in his professional restaurant work on Live at the Jailhouse.

    Both these effects are awesome reputation makers. I really believe they'll serve you well. I just hope you put in the effort to make them quality additions to your act. They require a dramatic amount of showmanship and skill to effectively perform. If you devote the time and respect they deserve, I'm positive people may believe you've special powers by the end of your show.

  6. Psssshhhhhhh!!!!

    That's too powerful to pass around :).

  7. I have put on multiple stage shows and I... hmmm this is hard for me but let me just say this, most likely, you have all the parts necessary. The trick is presentation. You can take something so simplistic and you can use it as a pillar for so many effects as long as you present it differently. Here's an example. In high school I went to school with another magician I am close friends with, at the time we weren't but there was a talent show, this was the second and I had won the first the previous year. I tried to do magic that was innovative in the eyes of the PERFORMER and though it was, and it was more complicated, the audience would never know this. My magic also was not catered to my audience as well, they wanted quick visual eye-candy, they didn't care that there was something *deeper* more meaningful going on and all that work I'd put into performance theory to create one on one experiences that transported people through some kind of journey and left them with catharsis was for naught on the stage, I really hadn't thought it through.
    The other magician did effects that all used a riffle force and wow'd the audience because the revelations were all so different in nature and seemed monumental, this erked me because I was doing more advanced things but he was doing better with simply a riffle force.

    Nick (the other magician) and I later became really good friends and the following year I decided to set up a benefit for the humane society and only had a week to do so, I of course asked nick to partner with me. We had a week and we adapted all of our one-on-one magic for the stage. Again, these effects looked completely different to the audience members who had seen the same basic trick before, but it looked completely new. I did this by mixing effects together to involve more audience members, and patter, showmanship, subjects such as "creating a mental link" remember lie lie lie lie lie but be believable. You have to believe in what you are doing. I know I'm being vague, I'm debating how much detail I'm going to give out because I've been working on another show for so long but, PM me or something and we can talk in more detail. I'm curious about what you're going for and I hope this helped spark some ideas. Also, check out Get Neiman. I haven't seen it myself but i hear it has great stuff in it. Anyways, I hope this was helpful
  8. im not trying to be a magician or mentalist. i call myself a hallucinosis. i illusionist where it happens in the mind. im putting on a show about how ppl dont have full control over their mind. im goin to give a preview performance where i hypnotize the group (i will ask them 1st) and they will forget i have. i will have a trigger word where they go back in a trance for the real performance. it all about who the mind can be molded. like adverts do and such
  9. I recommend Banachek's psychological subtleties 1, 2, and 3.
  10. McGill. Banachek.

    McGill - Suggestion has its roots in hypnosis. There's noone better than McGill for that.

    Banachek - Psychological Subtleties series has a crapload of material on psychological forces of OBJECTS. But in particular I would note than he, and I agree with him, advises NOT to have too many psychological forces. Too many and you just start to get repetitive. Plus, too many and you start to miss a lot more, very fast. I wouldn't put more than three in quick succession in your show (See PS2 for advice on this).

    Finally, check out Sympathy (for the Devil) Cards by Paul Vigil. I know you're not looking for cards. But looking at what you're looking for, there's hardly a more perfect routine.
  11. Hmm McGill is a great way to learn suggestion, however the material taught is somewhat outdated and some things are outright dangerous to perform. Not saying you shouldn't read his work, however for the magician/mentalist in mind there are some other texts that is more conventional.

    Banachek is great. All of his work is highly recommended.
    Luke Jermay- I enjoy most of his work
    Kenton Knepper- Has brilliant work on Dual and Multiple realities which in my opinion can create near impossible effects.
  12. Unconventional perhaps, but a more comprehensive text doesn't exist in my opinion.
  13. If you don't take risks then you can't put on a great show. Thats my opinion...

  14. Take risks yes, however having the possibility of hurting your spectators physically or
  15. Have you never seen Keith Barry's roulette??? :p *joke*

    The hurting of participants is bad, however, that's what public liability insurance is for :p

  16. Haha this is true :p

    Ino the guy whose puttin' on this show and I see some sound advice here. It's all about showmanship and how you present what your going to do dude.

    So long as you have some effects then just do some hardcore presentation preparation & hopefully things will come together (Y).

  17. Oh that kind of bad :).


  18. Ive been doing magic for nearly 5 years and this show is all about the stuff you are saying. im going to show people some deep stuff but in the form of eye candy. i wouldnt put on my on show if i didnt think i was ready. i do have the skills, i just need the effects or at least ideas. ive been planing this for a year (not the show but my direcetion in my magic). the show is the grand opening.
    i have been learning skills in influnce not really doing effects using them.
    my plan is to induct people into hpynosis using magic. no trance in the show.
    i need to read up so i can evoke the belief.
    im going to do dee christopher dual coin bend, but i will switch the bent coin for a normal one and say it is mass hysteria that made everyone see it bend.

  19. there is a lot you can do with influence. its more that just forcing an idea. making someone see something using influence is different. i need more than a card force, thats why i ask u lovely people for stuff. the show will be as long as i want it to be. about an hour? experience? iv have some. i can do hypnosis. and i
  20. Wait up. A coin bend for a stage show? Will it be projected, via a camera link-up?

    If not then I'd be cutting it. I just can't see a coin bend working on stage.

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