Need suggestions in starting out in coin magic

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Schism169, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Hay I was wondering as to what dvd I should buy for coin magic.

    I know a few slights (very few) like the:

    French drop
    Retention vanish
    Coin palm (finger and hand)
    Muscle pass
    Alchemy (working on it)
    and... well thats it

    What would be the best way to start out in coin magic from here?
    learn more slights? learn a routine?

    If so what would be a good dvd/book to learn from. I am mainly looking for a stand up routine, not a sit down.

    Also I would prefer NOT to use a shell.
  2. Ammar's Introduction to Coin Magic is sufficient.

    It's better to have a routine down rather than to just practice sleights alone.
    Coins across is sufficient in learning to use the basic coin sleights that you've learned.
  3. Ok many thanks =)
  4. Get Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, or David Roth's Expert Coin Magic, Richards Kaufman's Coinmagic, or DVDs by Roth, the New York Coin Guys, Eric Jones, David Stone, Ben Salinas' Modern Coin Magic DVDs, or any of a dozen others.

    As with most magic, it's best to learn a solid routine that has been shaped by a working professional over hundreds of performances, and perform it until you truly understand what makes it tick. If you haven't performed a good routine, how will you know what one feels like?
  5. Unless your gonna buy the DVD set, dont buy modern coin magic by bobo the book because it is so hard to understand. If I were you I would by some of Jay Sankey's stuff such as revolutionary coin magic 1 & 2.
  6. It's not hard to understand if you stick with it. Buy the book.
  7. Put the time in. Your sleight of hand will be better for it (which is true of many books).

    Coin magic is tough; if a book's slightly archaic style is enough to put your off, then I might question your willingness to practice enough to become good at it.

    Besides, it's ten bucks or so. Hard to go wrong.
  8. I agree, if you spend time reading it and allowing for the extra big words Bo Bo is a great book resource. As I've been told by a great magician "if you want to keep your best magic a secret and an art write a book"
  9. David Stones Basic coin magic vol 1 & 2 is great if your doing stand magic up with a surface to work on. It contains all the fundamental coins sleights you will need to becoming a good coin worker. Just watching him perform some of his routines helps you with misdirection and timing as hes just so good at it!

    I would hold off from buying Jay Sankeys stuff yet, its more difficult and assumes you already know some coin sleights.

    Out of all the coin dvd's I own David Stones has helped me out the most by far.

    Good luck with learning coin Magic
    and be prepared to get frustrated :)
  10. I just got started in coin magic a week or two ago so I ordered Modern coin magic by J.B. bobo It is great I'm learning so much, It's VERY cheap(for all the stuff you can learn from it) and full of Almost everything you need Palms, vanishes, tricks, and routines. And regarding What Thecardmagician12 said, It's actually quite simple to learn from I find it fun and enjoyable I've learned a lot too in just a few days.
  11. I highly suggest Metal by Eric Jones. It gives you so man different sleights and palms. And it starts you off with some good routines. Highly recommended. I have learned so much and am constantly going back to it to get help.
  12. i agree Metal by Eric Jones is the perfect dvd !
  13. All the choices above are great ones. However if you are a beginner I have to say that Bobo's is in my opinion the best choice (also the one I started with, apart from David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Made Easy).
    Most of the DVD's mentioned teach stuff you can learn from Bobo's. Obviously there are some variations included in DVD's but variation is just a variation and the core stays the same. There's no better book or DVD you can learn more cores than from Bobo's Modern Coin Magic!!!

  14. I agree with you. Not only does Ammar work on showing how the magic was done, there are also parts that are called "Real Secrets" wherein Michael Ammar discusses the most essential points for the previous effect shown.

    David Stone's Basic Coin Magic and Eric Jones' Metal are quite a reliable source for quality magic. :)
  15. Don't forget about David Roth's Expert Coin Magic Made Easy 3 DVD set. I think I picked it up for about $35 dollars or so. Also, Metal by Eric Jones is great. I just got it, but I am already learning a lot. I also have BoBo's book. If you combine all 3 of these, you'll be a coin master in no time... I just started as well, but I want to get really good at coin magic. Also, I love coin magic because it is great for on the spot stuff when you don't have a deck of cards with you. Also, I've read good reviews on 3Fry, and also Trifecta.

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