New 1-on-1 : Polaroid Change by B. Smith

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to give you the heads up on our latest 1-on-1 from the mind of B. Smith - Polaroid Change.

    Fresh from the underground New York magic scene comes the Polaroid Change by B. Smith. A method never before tipped until now. A card is shaken like a Polaroid and it instantly, visually changes into another card.

    Every detail is covered, including angles and practice tips on how to perfect the change. Learn two versions of the change in complete detail, shot on the streets of NYC.

    > > > Polaroid Change - B. Smith
  2. Looks pretty sick! But I'm saving money now, sooooo I probably won't get this until Christmas.
  3. Sweet. I was hoping this would happen ever since I saw it in Dan White's confession vid.

    Really cool.
  4. If I weren't buying eXile, then I Would buy this.
  5. i bought it but when i try to download it the screen doesn't fully load. its weird
  6. same here man. they'll fix it I'm sure
  7. Checking into the technical glitches as we speak. All will be resolved within the next 5 minutes.

    Thanks for your patience guys.
  8. thanks, cant wait
  9. I love Smith! He's awesome!

  10. Sorry to be a bad poster here, but I dont personally like it, I think is very sensitive on the angles(look how the camera moves to a side when he is about to perform it)

    It looks like a modified snap change.

    Just my thoughts. Cheers

    *covers behind his desk and gets ready for the rock throwers.*
  11. now it says i can download it but when i try to it comes up with some blank thing, and no video. I only have 1 more down load left for it so i want to make sure i get the video.

  12. Hey Cringe,

    No Worries, the Technical team will hook you up if it doesn't work after your last chance to download. It's just how we roll around here. If things don't work, we fix it.

  13. Meh. Don't think I'll use this. But, I can see how useful it can be. I won't be picking this up but it's still a great change. =) For those who buy it: ENJOY!
  14. ah jeez ah jeez. its the end of the world. this 1 on 1 isnt meant to be downloaded
  15. Need a lil help. I saved the file to my desktop to unzip it, but when i looked at it, it comes out as a php file. What is that because I never encountered that in the 1on1 downloads? It's always been a zip file, but this is different
  16. Working on getting this fixed up now; looks like a system glitch that we're scopin' out as we speak. Check this thread in a few minutes for an update. Apologize for the craziness and promise to get this patched up in a flash.
  17. Everytime I try to download it, it downloads DigiDel_Delivery.php, not the ZIP file. :p

  18. i want to buy it !!!!!!!!!

    But i not more money , because i wish to buy Exile.

    Maybe i will get it december.

    Thank JB for find out a lot new sleight for us.
  19. Thank you JB for clarifying that situation. I'll wait patiently until you give the thumbs up that it's A-ok
  20. Appears to be an issue with the file itself, so we're re-uploading it now fresh and clean to the theory11 servers. About 50% done as we speak.

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