New 1-on-1 : Polaroid Change by B. Smith

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. How far along Jonny?

  2. Do Doo do, d-do doo do... Jepordy's Theme.

  3. Looks awsome.

    Does anyone know if this one is like really really angle sensetive?
  4. 75%... uploading as fast as Doug McKenzie's FioS internet connection will roll. The video is a full 16.5 minutes, so it's over 180 megs...
  5. The fresh version will be up within 15 minutes. I advise everyone to hold off on clicking the "Download" button until you receive the go-ahead from yours truly.

    Thanks again guys.
  6. Sounds good to my ears
  7. I love this change. Wich I can buy it along with some other things that were released but I'm waiting till TOOC and exhile.
  8. Alright guys - go for it! If you still encounter any issues, feel free to PM me with your Order ID and I'll get you fixed up.

    Thanks a ton for your patience brothas.
  9. Thanx for the thumbs up!
  11. I have nothing against any of the previous 1-on-1s. Quite the contrary. I love all of the ones I've bought thus far.

    But hear my, T11 when I say this: This is what 1-on-1 should be. New material from new artists. This is one is the s**t. Love it.

    I. Want. More.
  12. yeah i agree its a little nacky at first but it seems like a trick if you practice it a lot it would look super bad ass
  13. Is this very angel sensitive?
  14. Yes, particularly Gabriel.


  15. I am with Katie...B-Smith is my boy and this change shows just what kind of mind this man has. He is hands down one of the top five most creative artists in the world of magic. B's thinking is outside the box and in your face visual!

    I was privileged to have him show me this like 6 months ago..and I loved it then.
  16. So if he comes down he will know how its done?

    No but seriously, does someone know how practical this one is for real world perfrormance?
  17. That said, T11 better be doing more work with him. Or else.

    Or else what? Or else I'll just complain a lot.
  18. Thank god it was not another Kenner 1on1. Nice to see new people... Kenner is sooooo old

  19. Oh, I know. He's such a fame whore.

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