NEW 1-on-1 Release : The VCR Change with Apollo Robbins

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  1. This week, we bring the heat with a new 1-on-1 from a NEW artist here on theory11 - Apollo Robbins. This is exciting for several reasons, most of all because I am a HUGE fan of Apollo's work and just about everything he says or does.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Apollo's work, or for those of you that ARE familiar with Apollo's work, watch this video first:

    :: :: Apollo Robbins - I Steal Stuff

    Apollo is an expert in the field of con artistry, scams, pickpocketing, and of course, magic. I admire his work for many reasons, but specifically because of the attention to detail he pays to misdirection, body language, and the nuances that all too often performers forget. Apollo not only understands those minute details that go into how a spectator perceives you - but he has mastered them.

    We look forward to a lot more with Apollo in the future, but for tonight, we present his first video, a 1-on-1 feature on the VCR Change.

    The VCR Change is a highly visual color change that happens entirely in your hands. Intricate instruction on the move, the angles, and the finesse that make it look oh-so-smooth.

    Check it out here, and please join me in welcoming Apollo to this little place we call home.

    :: :: The VCR Change - Apollo Robbins
  2. w00t! I kinda called it!
  3. Nice... headed that way to check it out now.

    Edit: Looks very nice.
  4. Very smooth color change. Don't think I'll be picking it up, but it looks very clean. I'm going to go look for videos of Apollo on the Youtube.

    Synth_Infusion guessed it first.
  5. Not a fan of this one. Looks ok(Not great, ok) for the camera, but theres no way this would hold up in real life.
  6. I had a feeling the new artist would be Apollo!

    He's definitely a tremendously skilled and very nice guy. Glad to see him added to the lineup!
  7. Alright, admitted color change junkie, so i'll eventually get my mits on this, but it is really smooth. Can't wait to get my hands on this and can't wait to see what the coming weeks hold.

    Welcome Apollo, always great to see a new face. (I know I won't be able to avoid a Rocky joke eventually.)
  8. Wow, i can't believe i never heard of this guy, even my little brother heard of him and i'm way more into magic than him.

    I think he's so badass, and i'm VERY interested in those skills of misdirection and pickpocketing he has.
  9. The color change looks damn sweet.

    Looking forward to more soon.

  10. Apollo Robbins is one of my all time heroes!!! I am so amazed at this moment right now and am so happy he is on the team! Did not see this coming. Welcome Apollo I am looking forward to this big time! I am obsessed with his coin and pickpocket work (my two favorites). :D

    Sooo excited!
  11. apollo is the man. did you guys loose anything while you were taping? like your wallets? i bet he stole some of your tricks! i would be carefull lol
  12. Apollo! I'm a huge fan! First time I saw him was on mondo magic. Fantastic!

    Welcome Apollo!
  13. Apollo did this for me live and I can tell you that worked live and totally fooled me. In the hands of apollo it seems to be easy... ahhh time to practice.
  14. This looks incredible. Look forward to seeing more stuff from him.
  15. so smooth and almost gentle love the change
  16. I bought this and i'm very satisfied. If i can accomplish this color change on an audience, that would be a great confidence booster. It feels like picking someones pocket, haha.
  17. If I'm ever to be stolen from, it would have to be from Apollo Robbins.

  18. Thats so awesome Apollo is doing stuff for t11. He is the greatest!

    nice change btw. Very clean.
  19. Oof. Gorgeous.
  20. Yeah, this is nice.

    At risk of being called negative, or disrespectful, there's a clear flash in the teaser video which makes one, and this looks very similar to a D+M change, with the flash revealing a similar method. 0:51

    That having been said, this is an outstanding change, and the handling is awesome and unique enough, with a very cool handling of an existing effect. I may just pick this up to support the thought process and the artist.

    This is what I would consider to be the first dope release from t11 in a few weeks. (Symphony excluded, which was clearly dope.)

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