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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AndrewC, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. are these gonna be limited?
  2. Five minutes left! Super excited to bring these back to life. Yes, they are limited edition. Yes, they are awesome. No, they are not the same as the first edition. The new decks were printed with perfect stock, feel, and finish, and they have been battle tested in the hands of Patrick Kun, Dan White, and Andrei Jikh.
  3. how limited is it?
    i hope you guys are not reprinting this again..
  4. $12.57 UPS/$15.45 Standard for a brick to be shipped one state over from the warehouse. Pass.
  5. Yeah, how 'limited' are these decks, anything that I should be worried about?
  6. Why must everything be limited! It's not practical for those who want to use a deck to perform with. Grrrrrr :p Is there a reason they're limited?
  7. it gives you more valuein the future and more care when you use them :D
  8. To be honest...I don´t like them...they are pretty ugly to me...they look like little books...and I don´t like cards that advertise themselves (the name of the deck everywhere) like the david blaine cards or Dan and dave....

    I am gonna have to pass...
  9. It's definitely the same team, the design firm Hatch, in San Francisco. In fact, Hatch and JAQK share the same building as their HQs in SF... I know this, as I was fortunate enough to visit them yesterday for a wine tasting and to bask in their creative glory.
  10. They're definitely not for everyone, but keep in mind that this deck was originally designed and produced in 2008 by a winery in Napa Valley. It was never intended for mainstream adoption, so of course they have their name on it (like the Wynn Decks in 2007). Nevertheless, it features the most elegant design I have seen on playing card faces. The box is super elegant, with the metallic ink and subtle emboss. They feel delicious.
  11. IMO they look ugly, I'm sure they handle beautifully though. Hmm, I don't know, might pick some up.
  12. If your order is over $75 you get super discounted shipping. Stock up on some stuff you've wanted for a while and save on the shipping!
  13. I agree with that...I should have clarified that I don´t like the name of the deck in the backs of the cards (jaqk).I just don´t like it...I rather them to be more impersonal...Wynn Decks?...I don´t like them too..for the same reason....

    Anyway...I cannot criticize the feel...since I don´t have them...nice weekend!!
  14. 18 decks is 9.00 shipping
  15. Some branded cards I don't mind, in fact I like the look of SMs and Wynns, because the 2 D's are worked well into the design and the Wynn logo is simple and looks nice to me. But in this case there Im not a big fan. If I didnt say JAQK cellars and had the "enjoy and good luck" I would like them alot more.


    Thats because 18 decks is worht over $75
  16. Just letting others know
  17. Move to Australia, then complain. >.>
  18. I love that the backs were modified to a two-way. What is a huge downside for me (same with the original Jaqk decks) is the drab back-design color. The metallic greenish/blue ink looks AWFUL in contrast with the white stock.

    The faces are beautiful, but dear god are the backs horrid with that color. I'll pass on buying these from T11. I'd rather buy them wholesale and even if they're not available through wholesale, I just won't own these. Shipping is insane. I don't see what is so complicated about shipping USPS 2-5 day like everyone else that ships things. Not to mention that from my experience, the handling times on here are at least a week, and sometimes a few weeks.

    I love that the deck was revamped and rehashed, but these are just a few of the downfalls for me.
  19. I paid $59 shipping for the same amount of decks to Malaysia. .__. FML
  20. I think those look pretty slick and elegant. Love the court card look. Very nice. Thanks for bringing those out!

    And Formal Dresscode? N.I.C.E.

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