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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Vinnie C., Oct 20, 2007.

  1. XTC: Extreme Training Cards

    I've seen or heard of two different kinds of "training" decks. The XTC deck is a standard deck of Bicycle cards (mine are red), but they lack the smooth finish. There are very rough and thus do not slide apart when handled. The other kind (I've only read about these) are more like metal plates. Five if I remember correct. They are meant to simulate a thick packet with substantial weight so as to build up manual dexterity.

    The XTC deck makes sense to me for learning complex packet control (not for magic). Once you've got the feel of the move sequence down, switching over to a standard deck of cards (whatever you'll be performing with) should be fairly simple. This is what I've been using to try and learn the pass. Anybody else have experience with these decks?
  2. XTC is the worst deck of cards ever made. all they did was spray krylon paint on a regular pack of bikes. probably the single biggest n00b mistake I ever made was buying these cards. you CANT do tons of XCM moves with them (fans, spreads etc), they totally suck becaus they're so sticky and crappy. basically it's like an invisible deck without the normal cards.

    WORST DECK OF CARDS EVAR MADE 0/5 it irks me that eloserist even sells them. don't buy em. if you already have them, throw them or practice T&R with them or burn them.
  3. LOL - well, there's one opinion I guess. You're right though, their use is limited. Definately not fans and any such move that requires cards to slide across one another. Packet control only.
  4. fanning powder will do the same thing to hold your packets together, only better, and you can actually fan with it. there is NO reason to buy the XTC deck. this basically shows how stupid ellusionist is. actually maybe it shows how diabolically cunning they are... they could probably sell XCM sunglasses to n00bs and make $$$ off them too. maybe an XCM toothpaste?
  5. I would definitly go for a XCM underwear.
  6. Vinnie, my website got jacked, I have something in the works for the future, I'll update you if I do anything, Thanks...

    My youtube page has most of the videos, but quality is low.
  7. Alright, I'll change the first post.

  8. what do you think of the "showoff with cards dvd"
  9. It's a highly unethical DVD. It teaches peoples moves without permission, and they teach the moves wrong. Please do yourself a favor and don't purchase it.

  10. WOW,this is the great thread...
  11. thanks realy helpfull
  12. Daniel Madison 's card changes

    Hi, someone know whare i can find the explanations of Danile madison's card change that he makes in the Bicycle Guardian's video on this website? I hope someone will can help me.plaseee:))!!!
    Ciao from Italy!!!
    Speak soonnnn!!!!!!
  13. I would suggest The Trilogy BEFORE the System, I thought the System was much harder than the Trilogy, but maybe it's just my opinion. I always think that learning molecules, pandora, jackson five, or whatnot first, is a lot easier than for example, than the genesis. It's just my opinion.
  14. Thanks for all the help guys, I started cardistry last year for a little while, then stopped. Here I am now starting over again, so all of your help and advice is appreciated!
  15. newbie gots a question

    would motion be an ok starting point for some one brand new or is it too advanced?
  16. Not a good starting point. I'd put it in the same difficulty area that "Lethal" is in. You'd need some foundations in card handling before taking Dangerous on.

  17. Xtreme Beginnerz is a great place to start. In my opinion it teaches XCM "essentials" such as one handed cuts, spreads, turnovers, and many more things to help you create your own routines.
  18. I was wondering what the best resource(dvd,book)for card production would be

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