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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Vinnie C., Oct 20, 2007.

  1. yeah

    im trying man...its just that made me a lil sad when during my first thumb cut my thumb cudnt reach the packet....but now i feel better...although i still cant touch the top with my thumb...but i'll find out ways to do tis b4 moving ahead and i'll try to buy Genesis as Alex said so i think i shud get that .,,,thnx man
  2. I believe that Huron said something along the lines of this...

    "Take a move that you've been trying to do but you feel your hands
    are too small a one handed cut.

    Now you know that phase of the move which your hands are 'too
    small' for? Take the cards, and place them in the position they'd
    be in if you could accomplish the phase.

    Now from that position, you're gonna do the move in reverse... back
    to the previous phase.

    See that weird-feeling position you're in now?
    It'll feel counter-intuitive at first, but chances are from that
    new position your fingers will be 'long' enough to accomplish the
    next phase!

    The coolest thing is that this one shift of grip generally causes a
    'ripple' effect of sort throughout the card flourish, which then
    allows it to be executed much easier!

    Of course you'll still need to practice the card flourish, but hey
    at least now you'll be able to do it in the first place!

    Play around with this simple little technique and let me know how
    it goes.
    I hope it helps you like it still helps me!"

    Hope that helps. Sure has helped me on 3 or 4 flourishes.

  3. my two cents...

    I've been a perpetual newcomer for the past year, simply because side projects have taken priority...

    ...that said, LETHAL by Daniel Madison, imo, is an essential piece of cardistry education.

    ...the flourishes are solid - simple but sophisticated, making several of them easily accessible to someone new; while laying foundation for the more advance work.

    ...while a fan of 'THE SYSTEM' by the Dan and Dave Buck, which was my first purchase - due to the lack of angles, I found it somewhat difficult deciphering some the movements that took place.

    ON ANOTHER NOTE: As a variation of the swing cut, I developed the 'Change Up', which, if you are interested, can be found here:
  4. Very cool information Vinnce. Thanks man :D
  5. you need to pay to learn?
    no free stuff? :(
  6. hey quick question im kinda new to all this how do u know what ur lokking for in playing cards or are they all the same is there some jkey information i shold look for on the pacage or just try as much as i can until i find the one i like ?
  7. One thing I would do is stay away from plastic cards. Other than that I would start with Bicycle because they are very good quality for the price. After that just experiment with other cards to see what you like best. Hope this helps.
  8. aright thx another question is there a difrence betwen riderbacks bicycle or just the one u pick up gt (giant tiger or werever lol that sell playing card ?)

  9. They actually don't make Rider backs anymore well, they do but they don't. They sell them under the name "The standard" for this exact reason people thought they weren't standard. There was various changes the box being one of them (and some quality changes because around the same time the U.S Playing Card Company moved their factory from Ohio to Kentucky all Kentucky cards are said to be lesser quality to the Ohio cards They're lesser quality but still great cards.. So to answer your question, yes there is a difference but you can't get Rider backs anymore (unless you want to pay a few bucks more on Ebay). I should also tell you that here at Theory11 they advertise Rider backs but you'll recieve the new ones (standard). I hope this helped you, Erick.
  10. thx alot it actuly did lol :D
  11. Yay :) If you have any other questions feel free to pm or ask here so that everyone can give there opinion on it.

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