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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Vinnie C., Oct 20, 2007.

  1. sounds very biased, How is starting with "Xbegginerzs?" going to prepare people for the other DVD's you mentioned? The real one that will prepare you for the Bucks DVD's are Brian Tudor's ShowOff volumes 1 and 2
  2. hey im completely new to this. wat cards are good for this?
  3. help!!! i tried to learn a charlier cut just to see if i wanted to try this or not and i realized that my hands are too small! wat should i do?
  4. normal Tally Ho's and Bikes for starters.
  5. Keep trying, it's been proven that small hands are only a small boundary, just look as Lee Asher.
  6. Think about where all of your fingers are supposed to be. Keep practicing. Remember exactly where all of your fingers are supposed to be, and why.

    I have hands that are barely larger than my 10 year old nephew's, and I can pull it off. It's not pretty enough (yet) to be a great flourish, but it's a great cut for a couple of effects.
  7. got ya~
    maybe as someone out of US, it's quite hard to learn something about it...
    but i'll try!
  8. Just wondering, where will you classify the new Genesis at? Thanks ^^
  9. aye aye captain...
  10. hey sorry for posting it here guys but....

    im having a lil problems with revolution cut and thumb cut may be cuz of smaller hands plus the lack of flexibility....i wud appriciate if anyone wud like to give sum tips and exercises cuz im totally new in tis art and i luv it but i keep throwing the cards over n over again......waiting for ur response specially andrei jikh cuz our hands r of the same size almost....
  11. Have you compared side-by-side your hand with Andrei Jikh?;) lol I find that funny

    For the thumb-cut, to learn it you might want to divide the deck in half first and practice the cut. That way the deck is thinner for your thumb to reach over and seperate the deck!

    I forgot who said this, maybe Huron, but its something like.......find a new grip or technique that has the ability to do the revolution cut, the thumbcut, whatever else you're having trouble with.
  12. I would kill for hands the size of Andrei Jikh's
  13. That's it. Remember - if one person could do something, the other person can do it too, always. Don't you think Andrei just took the cards and did these two cuts? Practice, I mastered my revolution cut for one month, and mastering it up till now. The same thing with thumb cut. Good luck! And remember another important thing: you will drop cards a lot.
  14. haha im jus guessing

    yeah i think i shud keep tryin to find a new way perhaps that will help..thnx man
  15. thnx feeling better now

    yeah i hv already droped em a thousand times :) plus i hv to manage time for my studies and job so i can practice most of the days....but i like keeping cards in my hands all da time Alexender what tutorial or which artist wud u suggest me to start learning flourishes....initially....and what abt flexibily of hands mine r not that can i improve that ??
  16. I suggest you to buy Andrei Jikh's Genesis vol.1, he teaches basic cuts (Revolution, Charlier, Thumb and etc), fans and little flourishes. Flexibility comes with practice. The more you repeat doing something, the more flexibility, speed and precision you will get. You can check finger exercises in Dan and Dave's Trilogy Dics 3 (Everythingelse), but I'm not very sure they can help you much. Just practice, be patient and pay attention to every detail, because once you learned something new, have been practicing it for few month and realize that you learned that move wrong, that can be some sort of dissapointment for you, even if it's not so hard to fix. So, good luck in flourishing and cardistry world!
    - Alexander
  17. ok i got it

    hmm i think i understand what u jus said....may be im doin it wrong cuz i hv no learning dvd rite now...ok sure i'll try to buy Genesis...and try to give as much time as i can to improve these cuts and flourishes....seriously i cant be good at it unless i practice hard !!!
    thnx bro...i really appriciate ur suggestions i think T11 is a gr8 platform to improve art of magic and cardistry...Peace !!!
  18. And one more advice: if you can't execute the cut, it doesn't mean that you're doing or learning it wrong :) It's just everything comes with time.
  19. :) Got it !!!
  20. Keep trying. If you do it enough you'll eventually get it.

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