No tricks up on The Wire?

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  1. There is still no new tricks up on The Wire yet. Also, I thought it went live a little while ago and j bayne promised some videos up a couple days ago I think. So I was just wondering what's been going on. I know they're very busy but just wondering when we can expect some new downloads.
  2. they said they would reply to a submission in three days
    so i guess it will take some time
    as they will receive lot of submissions
  3. B smith just uploaded one, so that means they are coming soon i think
  4. In less than one week, over 400 artists created accounts on The Wire. Submissions are now ENABLED! The Wire is LIVE. We spent the past 3 days locked in the office hunkered down fixing a few remaining bugs in the submission process. Everything is now enabled and ready to roll! The Wire is live, and now it's in your hands. A great new effect was added tonight by Bob Smith (Salvation), and many more will be added in the coming days as submissions are rolling in.
  5. Posted a review on it. Let's see whether the moderation team actually cares about down-to-earth opinions or rejects every non-5-star review.
  6. There ain't no trick's up on the Wire, because they're all on the corners trying to make me some money!
  7. Hey Steve,

    We take transparency very seriously. Especially on The Wire, well written, honest reviews are essential to maintaining an environment where you know what you're in for. Without reviews, you have only the preview video and artist's reputation to base your judgement on. With that said, I checked with our team and no review was received under your name tonight. If you believe this to be incorrect, please re-submit your review so that we can post it.
  8. Wow! J.B. really is in the city that never sleeps! It's 3:30am where I am, and 6:30am where he is, and I doubt he wakes up that early! All I can say is...*starts singing* "Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today! I want to be a part of it! New York, New York"
  9. Why wouldn't JB wake up that early? Anyone who is out of college and holds a career needs to get up and get moving. You don't get paychecks for sleeping in and checking your mail...ha ha.
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    Well...technically I do that :D I schedule my own hours though since I am self employed :D Most the time I get to sleep in until around 11am, and others I try and schedule appointments that are later morning or early afternoon like around 12-1pm. it is nice not having a "Set Schedule" Also, if I want the day off, then I take it. I get plenty of time to work on my magic, and 40% of the time I get clients who come to me :) Some months are slower then others, but that's just how it goes with all businesses. Last month was slow, but this month is going pretty well so far. Also, I think one of the main reasons I am up so late, is because that is usually when I am working on my drop off clients computers. If you couldn't tell just now, I repair computers for a living.
  11. Must be nice...ha ha. Yes, I guess when you are your own boss you get to set the rules.
  12. If we submitted products last night and the say submitted, do those count since the wire wasn't exactly official yet?
  13. Bayme, or Staff,

    Submissions for the wire only focus on product that is video based, although the wire did accept my PDF book, I had to film a special promo commercial for it. Since the wire will accept PDF's is it a plan to allow another option to specifically address the issue with a PDF product, or are we going to have to film a promotional commercial with every submission regardless of whether it is a video product or a PDF one?
  14. Bayme spoke to that, to a limited degree, in his post over here. :)

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