Notes About Nothing by Dan Sperry

Hey Guys!

I bought this the on Fathers day and I must say I was very impressed.

As a close up performer I never really took to Dan, Thinking that all he did was stage shows in a freaky costume. When I read the book my eyes where opened and I have to say that he is a GENIUS!

Dan doesnt just give you tricks. He also gives you advice on how to get gigs and step by step guides is some cases to how Dan performs certain tricks.

Another thing I didnt know till I bought the book is that Dan has and still does do Children's magic. As I am planning on moving into kids magic by the end of the year but stuck because I'm trying to make it less rabbit in hat and more cool stuff, this is practically a bible for me, and I will definetly use the rather unimaginably named 'four ropes' and 'boogers from mouth', especially after the story that Dan puts with the Boogers trick. That poor asian kid...

he also has a 2 tricks that I will use when on the go and maybe in kids shows. I mean, what makes more sense than having a bubble gum bubble actually float in the air? As well as a wealth of tales from Dans life as well as a biography on how Dan got into magic, which helped me see where I was going with the art.

It also includes Dan's close up Razor Blade Illusion and also Go.Eat.Worms which is a great prank/trick for all you mischief lovers out there!

I would definetly say this is a must for any Dan Sperry fan, or anyone looking for a good read. everything in the book uses things most of us will already have after buying them thinking 'I'll use this' but never do, and the rest as with all good tricks is pretty easily accessible. The only things that might be tricky to grab are campaign buttons for a great transposition effect where the buttons are pinned on to your thighs and switch places just by putting your hands over them.

This can be grabbed from Dan's site and is well worth just $15

Hope this review helps and any q's fire away.


Wow! Thanks Simon, I'm glad you like the notes and I'm happy to hear you've gotten so much out of them. Keep us posted on how you are growing in your career and what you are using/finding beneficial from the notes I'd love to hear about it!

Danny Boi
Jan 16, 2008
I'm really interested in why you are going into children's magic. :p Mind telling us? Sounds like a good story.
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