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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NoelJishanHeath, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone! my name is Noel and i just came up with this method to place a deck of cards in it's box on the table or in a spectators hand and magicaly with the help of telekinesis the box opens!
    this effect is almost impromptu, but it uses no gimmicks or props at all.
    the only material needed is a deck of cards and it's box!
    tell me what you think :D
  2. It looks great. I'd love to know how it's done if you're willingly to share.
  3. sorry, i just don't reveal my own tricks to people i don't even now.
  4. Its a cool,neat little trick to do before going into a card effect.
    You just open a box of cards at your command(your mind,the force,whatever) so the next effect has to follow that principle/idea.
    A card location or transpo would be out of place and kill the mood that the previous effect made.
  5. yeah i have a self created haunted pack called "wait..." that i directly do after the "open..."
  6. Then its all perfect then. Thank you for making a card effect that is more than making the cards hop around.
  7. no, doesn't seem the same, mine is almost imptomptu. the only thing you need is a box and a deck, so if you see your target you can do the setup with the box in under 15 seconds, with no extra material needed.
  8. i like it man...and no by see it the moment it happen its not kranzo's i see people have said that on ur youtube page.....
  9. Noel showed this to me a few weeks ago and its very simple but very cool!
  10. So what do you mean when you say it's ALMOST impromptu. I thought you said it didn't require a gimmick.
  11. It does not require a gimmick, i can tell you that.
  12. By almost I think he means there is a set up or slight modification.
    Not to be confused with an outside device(gimmick)
  13. an imromptu effect is something that does not use a setup or any gimmicks , something that you can do anytime anywhere.
    there are no gimmicks involved or other materials, and there's only a box and a deck involved, BUT ther's one minor setup that you do (only using the box and a deck).
    so you ca basicly do the setup as you walk around looking for your target.
    no extra materil needed
  14. Hmm. Sounds interesting.
  15. Hey,

    I know Geraints effect Psyco and have used it in live performances, and can tell you that if yours is impromptu with under a 15 second set up, then you are probably using the exact same method as Geraints Psyco.

    It sucks coming up with methods that have been created by others before hand and if it turns out that yours is the same as Psyco then don't get down about it, keep working hard and creating future work man.



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