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  1. Can this be performed Sleeveless ?
  2. Absolutely! You can perform it naked... if that was your thing.
  3. How did you know?
  4. can it be done w/ a borrowd deck??
  5. Can this be doen with the Aces insted of Kings?

    Cheers, Tom
  6. He knows because he is part of the theory 11 team :)
  7. lol im so performing this naked, kudos to the inventor ,looks sickkk
  8. Performing in the nude? Haha, see everyone? That is what Theory 11 is really about: cards, coins, and nudism. A magicians dream right? :p

  9. No way! This could be done sleeveless?...............and naked! Yes, I love performing naked. It shows I have nothing to hide. lol
  10. Thats it ... I am doing this Naked ...With Aces....From a borrowed deck..:D
  11. Hahah, where would you put the kings in the beginning then since they go in your back pocket?

    I could only imagine what we could hold those with.
  12. I wanna see Aaron Fisher perform it naked.

    Erm..just to prove it...yeah...
  13. I am a Magician sir! ....I will hold them .....I don't know yet...Work in progress...
  14. Please don't make me answer that.

    NOTE: theory11 takes no responsibility for those who wish to perform this effect in the nude. Place "objects" in "places" at your own risk.

    ...I had to say it.
  15. lol
    that was pretty good


  16. Gawd I am gonna love these forums ...
  17. I think it's called PANIC because the specs will panic when you lose all your clothes to do a card trick!

    Ew, that was wrong.
  18. That would be a wicked trick. Basically you start doing the trick, suddenly, you're naked and their card is tatoo'ed on your belly
  19. I'm pretty sure the reactions would be CRAZY for that one lol.
  20. Oh, they'd be nuts. Pun intended.

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