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  1. are there any angle problems on this effect
  2. "Where the **** did you put the other cards though? Oh sorry, I swear I'm dirty."

    :D Hilarious. And hot.
  3. Sleeveless? You sure? Maybe you should check again. If so...Wow.
  4. I'm certain. It's like you stepped into the Twilight Zone, isn't it?

  5. O that was great, I can already see this place turning into an unleshed disco with some rules.
  6. thats one way of putting it
  7. We don't limit ourselves to just disco. All dance parties are welcome.
  8. I don't care if I can perform it naked. What I want to know is that would it cause the women I perfrom it for to get naked.

    Come on, people, who gets naked is more important.... :)
  9. Sleeveless sounds awesome, but it is gimmicked right? or can you do it with a borrowed deck?

    If you can I'm buying it right now lol
  10. Yes, best trick ever, you let them pick a card, lose it in the deck, suddenly they're naked and their card is tatooed permanently en their tummy
  11. So we will get everything we need, if any except of a deck of cards, with the DVD right?

    The sleeveless point is great. And if we don't have to use any gimmick, that will be too good to be true.
  12. sounds like ambelitious card by masuda thats why im not buying it because i know how to do ambelitious (not ambitous) ambelitious is better routine because you make the whole deck vanish except the selected card non forced
    heres the vid
  13. Oh Jon, you know it's MY thing. :D


  14. Excellent, no clothes it is!!!

    Jeremy Hanrahan
  15. Ha ha I can see im gonna love this place...
  16. if this is a sleeveless trick, im buying, i just want to hear its sleeveless from the creator.
  17. id like to get aaron or someone who actually knows the effect to answer the questions as well
  18. Correct. Everything you need will be included with the DVD, minus the deck of standard playing cards.

    Well, I'm not Aaron -- but I assure you that you can perform this effect without sleeves... no ifs, ands, or buts (unless you're performing it naked) about it. Sleeves are simply not necessary.

    Hope this helps!
  19. Great job Jon, you handeled this thread quite well and sold me and just about everyone else haha.
  20. Wow this effect is becoming more and more amazing, maybe it's true magic .... ;-)

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