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  1. Hi guys
    The past three days I have been preforming for lost of kids at my school. The first day I get a crowd of about 50 or more (my school has over 1000 kids) from just doing some ACR. Then I did silver copper brass and that blew them all away. The next trick I did was stairway with some other rubber band routines to back it up and they loved it!!!! The day after, the seniors invited me over to preform some more so almost immediately I get a crowd of 50 and by the time I get my cards out the crowd multiplied!! So I did my other routine with wow 2.0, ACR, tarbel tricks, ect. But today, the 3rd day, was by far the best. First I was in the cafeteria preforming my two card monte with twilight angels to follow up. And when I look up to see how big the crowd was not just a few people... it was the entire senior table (which is about 100-125) I was so amazed, so I ended my routine with silver copper brass ( since that was a huge hit the first day). Throughout the day I got high fives from people I didn't know, I got complements from girls that came out of know where, I even was asked by a girl to go out with her, but then I was called to the principals office... When I went into a conference room ( where the 4 principals were sitting;yes I said 4...don't ask) they asked what I was doing in the middle of the crowds for the past 3 days, so when I told them I did magic they wanted me to preform so I did, and they loved it. I had no idea that my magic would go around school in 3 days!!!
    tell me what you guys think of this
  2. Thats really cool! The popularity is a cool part of magic and also tricking the minds of regular people is nice too!
  3. It's pretty neat that you got to experience something like this, and I'm glad everyone liked your magic. At my school, even taking out a deck of cards warrants detention because the principals assume you are gambling -______-
  4. Advice: Stop performing so often!
  5. hehehe I would get into so much trouble cause I'd probably go into a gambling sleight demonstration if I got caught at a place like that. :D
  6. Well man good for you, that's an awesome story. but like SebaMan said, try from now on spreading your preformanses into two-three trick bits, that way you don't run out of material to fast.
  7. yeah I will be preforming maybe two times a week from here on out, (and don't worry I still have a LOT of material left thanks to Tarbel)
  8. Thanks for sharing the story! Maybe next time, I would like to see a video of you performing in your school.
  9. yeah I'll try but my principal is pissed at me right now....
  10. One advice: Don't be their magic monkey ... You would think people won't forget someone with such talents. Trust me .... if you perform that often for regular people, they WILL ... been there, done that
  11. Great story! Buy I agree with Slicke. You don't wanna be 'that magician guy'.

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