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  1. what is your perfect card routine when i say perfect i mean flowing and slieght wise .
  2. Well, for me, I would have to say my ACR. You can see a shortened version of the original routine here:

    I used it for a battle I did once. Haha, and sorry for the music... I didn't have anything else available at the time.
  3. I absolutely love 7-Up, Larry Jenning's ACR, but anything from Syd Segal is great especially Even Four More on the Floor and Thank You Le Paul.

    Currently, I'm having a blast performing Kevin Ho's Punk'd and Paul Harris' version of Reset (I can't decide which I like better). Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm is always great, too.
  4. Liked it but one suggestion would be not to use a bridge sized deck and use normal poker sized playing cuz i think i saw bridge ...

    anyways if im wrong sry but ya always good so you can just pick up any deck anywhere and do any magic instead of using small cards and having trouble with normal
  5. my favorite is a Bluff pass than doing it again but with shape shifter
  6. connected

    well first i do paul harris' guts from AoA book3. then i a trick that is taught on connected (by peter harrison which sets you up for connected) and i close with connected . effect descreptions:
    guts: a card is selected and signed ,then pushed through the deck and transforms into another.the wallet is removed from your back pocket and the signed card is there. no palming,laoing,duplicates ,stooges or gaffs.
    Connected. a spectator selects a card(it can be signed) and tears it into four quarters ,he hand the three to the magician and keeps the one. the magician imediately squeezes the the 3 pieces and they vanish. thay are found in the spectators wallet!
    What do you think?
  7. Charming Chinese Challenge!

  8. A routine I put together called ''Tis Biddling Down' (my handling of the biddle trick, featuring a surprise cameo appearance of DnD's 'Subway' and possibly 'the Asher Twist'. Did I mention the (poorly named) rubadub vanish?

    PS. My spell checker wants to change 'rubadub' to 'rhubarb'...naturally...

  9. I didn't use bridge sized cards. They're normal poker sized. Haha, I don't think I even own bridge sized.

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