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  1. I know that every magician should have there own unique performance style but I think everyone is influenced on magicians they see, my style is a david blaine daniel madison type. What type of a style do you guys have and why??
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    I have a flashy, smooth and simple style.

    EDIT: Why... well, Dan and Dave influenced me alot. d+M rules too.
  3. We actually just finished up a competition on my site regarding just this.

    Feel free to check it out!

  4. depends on the mood im in
    either i do blaine- sorta low tone and in your face this happens

    or im like danny garcia and much more live and comedic
  5. Personally, Im not really into naming styles after famous magicians. I mean, sure, they may use that style and be really good at it, but don't name a style. For example, if somebody does a less talking more mysterious routine they say they're doing a David Blaine. I'm sure somebody else used that style before him. Don't label styles by magicians, and if you think about it, dont label magicians by styles. Thats what I think.
  6. I have my own style. Every magician has their own style. It may resemble, even emulate, another's style, but it is their own if you go into the details.. Mine is relaxed, there to have fun, down to Earth, funny at times, entertaining. Of course, this could desribe many magicians, because it wasn't very detailed, and I don't really want to go into the details right now; it's waaay past my bed time. Gotta get my Depends on and hit the sack. ;) Just for those of you who were here for the SNC this past weekend...
  7. I usually pretend that I have no idea what's going on. I just let the magic happen around me.

    In as way, I see that as the truth--that I don't have control over the magic, as it happens within the spectator. I can only perhaps influence it. But as far as performance style goes, instead of saying "look, watch" (a la David Blaine), I myself look and watch. It's a decision that fits my personality as well as serves as misdirection.

    I never sacrifice function purely for form, nor do I do the inverse.
  8. I'm quite.. dry and sarcastic, really.. but funny at the same time.

    It's quite hard to explain my performance style because I find it hard to describe myself.
  9. I have a David Blaine/Daniel Madison style.
  10. I'm more of a ..."hey shut the hell up I'm performing" kind of guy. :) Really though, I take a subtle, attempted humorous way of disrupting common belief, or whatever magical happening I'm trying to drill into their heads. :)



    P.S. I also like doing strong effects, really letting them sink in. I love letting my spectators bask in their nice big pool of stupidity. :p Fooling people is truly fun, I know you all agree.
  11. I said that the other day and literally growled at the spectator.

    Haha. Good times.
  12. I'm me.

    I'm outgoing (usually attempt to connect with the person(s) in some way before performing. this makes an uninterested person become interested); i perform smooth, visual effects.
  13. im a smart-assed teenager with nothing better to do. im funny outgoing, and try to learn the majoirty of the names of pepole in the audience. i like to get to know people better and make them laugh while showing them amazing magic.
    i make up a lot of stuff on the spot (comedy wise) which makes it funnier and gets more of a connection with the audience.
  14. Good topic, I usually avoid these things, but this one was properly written an approached, so I'll give it a go. Lots of good replies.

    I have been influenced by many of the youthful magicians (Wayne, Bucks, Blaine, Madison, etc.) simply because I am young as well, and most people can relate to that. There is no point in trying to perform as if you are from a different generation. With that said, I based my performance style entirely off myself and my own personality (Heavily psychological, very fun, and dynamic). I like to take dramatic swings from down to earth effects to dark and mysterious miracles depending on who I am performing for, and I always try to bring people into a fun, interesting place when I show them magic. I am a lot like you Ben, I like to 'witness' the magic as well along with them. It creates a much more meaningful memory for them, and it creates the illusion that they experienced real magic, rather than someone who could do tricks. That is Blaine's signature approach, and I admit I got the idea from him (and that he is brilliant for using that mentality), but I absolutely made it my own by defining it around my personality. For me, I like to reel people in with something simple and beautiful, and I stay quiet and really let them get the full experience. I aim for silent reactions followed by soft but serious questions which allow me to dig them (and myself) deeper into the rabbit hole. Basically anything that let's people act like children, no worries, no fears, just primitive and simplistic thoughts and experiences. I tend to perform for smaller groups of people when doing this though.
  15. i wouldn't say i'm 'like' any other performer, but if i were to draw comparisons, i'd say my style is fairly similar to greg wilson's, though not quite AS over the top!

  16. Depends on the effect that I am preforming. I defiantly have a Derron Brown inspiration (the first 2 minutes on Devil's Picture book disc 2 for those playing at home). Or a sort of somber I am not too sure but we will see how this goes.
  17. I tend to be a very intimate performer, I like to get the main spectator/s I'm using to really feel a part of what's going on and feel the energy, I try and break the contact barrier pretty early on to get a more relaxed and closer atmosphere.

    I feel it suits the kind of material I perform and my persona - I love to look into someones eyes and watch them melt as I lower my voice and do whatever I'm doing...It's good fun and makes you feel like a rockstar casanova :p


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