Performers Should Be Less Boring

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Long, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. I recommend to anyone who is interested in being an even marginally decent magician/performer, that he or she should take an acting class. Improv and confidence building are perfect catalysts for good magic performance.

    There it is. A concrete answer to anyone who thinks good performance ability is unattainable. Confidence, like any other skill, can be improved.
  2. Ben NOOOOO you have told my most sacred secret.

    But seriously this is very good advice.

  3. As an actor, I can vouch for the aforementioned advice.
  4. Wow, I totally missed this post first time around, so sorry I haven't replied to this.

    Well, for me personally, it's difficult to shoot a live performance, simply because I don't actually own a camera. You're absolutely right though, more people should be leading by example. I guess to an extent people just have to take our collective word for it - if someone is really motivated to improve their magic, just go out and do it, irrespective of others. That said, if anyone over the age of 18 is in Sydney or close by, come see me perform live upstairs at Ruby Rabbit on Oxford St Sydney Thursday week, starting at 9PM (small plug ^^). Which doesn't completely defend me from that fact that you're right, I don't post live videos. If you can though, don't let anything stop you - and regardless of whether you can film or not, do go out and perform, and do it for yourself!
  5. Don't do it for yourself, at least no exclusively. Do it for the audience first and foremost.
  6. True - though I meant it as in, don't worry about what other magicians are saying or doing. If you want to improve, do it yourself - in the context of Toby's post. Sorry if it was unclear.
  7. Right you are.
  8. I'm tired, so this is unclear.... are you referencing me in a positive or negative fashion?
  9. Positive. But you don't need me to tell you that. Just keep doing what you're doing.

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