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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LOSTMYMINDLETMEREADYOURS, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. i need to know that if you add the white matte. will it show up on the card?

    please respond
  2. Umm, agreed...what? Please do clarify what you're asking, so we can better help you. What white matte are you speaking of? What types of cards, exactly? Where on the card? You know...the important details about what you're actually asking. As it is, I have no idea what you're asking.

    As it is, it looks like you're asking if you add a white matte finish to a card, will it show up? To which I would respond, is this white matte finish opaque, or is it translucent (or semi-translucent, or whatever)? If it's like a white-out type material, then yes, it should show up on the coloured portions, and would probably blend in pretty well with the white areas (although it would reflect light differently than any other white portions of the card, so it may go unnoticed, but the potential is there for others to notice it). If it's another type of material, then like I said, please do elaborate for us so we can help you.
  3. when you click on the white matte checkbox, a white border shows up around the card. i need to know if i will have a white border when i recieve my cards
  4. What are you using?
    Is ther an aplication to the site?
    Question mark?
  5. You're still leaving out lots of details...I really do want to help, but you have to give us more information. Fully flesh out what you're trying to ask.

    What checkbox? Receive your cards from where (what site)? Etc.

    To be honest, though, if it's customer support for another site that you need...then I'd suggest getting in touch with the site that you're ordering from. Who better to answer your questions about customer support on another site than that very same site's customer service staff? :)
  6. im using there site.

    i want to know how to get a white border around the cards (i made it more simple by changing the question.
  7. This site?
  8. Yes, the white matte border should show up on your screen when you click it as a preview of what the card will look like. It should have a white border on your preview looking exactly like the border on standard bikes. It will show up when printing if it shows up in the realtime preview of what you card looks like as you make it.

    Hope that made some sense...
    All the best,
  9. Ok, you seriously need to take your time and elaborate on your posts. It's very hard to figure out what your saying when you use general terms such as, "the check box", "there (their) site", ect.
  10. Agreed, you were very very vague. Even after you have been told to elaborate, and then another time. Seriously man, explain your questions more.


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