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    *continues rolling on the ground laughing.*

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    Anyway I am tired of hearing people rant over small things. A myth this is not, in a normal deck of bicycles you get two jokers. Not talking about specialty decks and novelties. I do not know what you are typing in the calculator, but if you can't come close to 360-367 your doing something wrong. Second why are you posting this when I already mathematically proven that all the VALUES added together plus two jokers is a leap year.

    Sooooo in closing, your post is just as un needed as this one, explaining to you why your post is meaningless. Thanks for wasting my time which in turn makes me waist other peoples time after they read this. Don't we feel silly?
  2. I've spent 5 hours trying to add up the cards to 365. Jacks are worth 11 RIGHT? And crap, the fact that I dropped one wont help in this situation.
  3. Hopefully, there is not a lisp attached. Here is a playing card fact that most people don't know. The hearts were actually invented out of spite. People think they are pretty but the original inventor was mad at the time. Hence, the sharp point on the end of the heart...
  4. dimands are sharp too. also spades?
  5. True, but the guy that invented those suites was not as mad as the other guy.
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    The best and truest fact is that there are so many possibilities with a simple deck. Games, magic and just playing around with them. Whoever came up with the idea must have been a chess master. Or, the guy that came up with chess must have liked cards...

    Black pieces and white pieces. 16 of each. There are 8 pawns on each side of the board. Half of the pieces are pawns, indifferent cards. Out of the deck, there are 8 indifferent cards. 2 - 9. All of the other cards are substantial.

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