Practice? Is it true?

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    I've been away for a few months thinking about mine cardistry.

    It was a nice winternight when i realised this: Practice doesn't make ALWAYS perfect.

    Now let me explain it to you: It started with an copy of Surfaced by chad nelson. I grabbed it and tried to learn the clipshift. The first 4 weeks I tried and tried. But it didn't worked. So i gave up. I forgot it and focused on Eko by D&D buck. Then about 2 months later i found Surfaced back in my closet. I popped it in and trained again. Now after like 2 weeks i did a clipshift. and it worked pretty well.
    I was so suprised!!!! How did i do it? So it started thinking and i think figured it out FOR ME:

    The first time i was so excited i had this dvd I didn't really focues. I just wanted to know the secret behind this secet move. And it was really difficult. It really hit me in the face. BAM!
    So i gave up and forgot it. But it stayed in my brain boilling. My brain kept analyzing the information i got from the DVD.
    So when I picked it up again, I was actually much farther in the process of learning.

    I found this really intresting so I applied this to the Leno cut (D&D buck).
    And it worked. FOR ME!!!

    So for me it is all about focus and after that its about practice. If I try a difficult move or flourish. I do it this way. I believe that my subconscious analise magic when I am not thinking about it.
    It is a very nice I can do this.

    So that is my thought on my magic.

    What is yours?


    PS: If there are any grammar errors. Let me know in PM.
  2. is this about practice or learning new concepts?
  3. Good point, there is a huge difference from practicing something to learning it.
  4. This is about learning other concepts and have the guts to try them out.

  5. My thoughts:
    When hitting a wall when learning something new, for me, it is usually the result of one or two tiny weaknesses. The first part is identifying just exactly what that weakness is. Like you said, you have to go over the technique and the teaching again and again until you understand it.
    Once you understand how the move works, you can understand the parts that you yourself are not executing properly. Once those kinks have been ironed out, it starts coming to you.
    Mind you, those kinks my take weeks or even months to iron out.

    Mindlessly repeating a move over and over again hoping you'll just somehow fluke it isn't a very efficient way of learning how to do it properly.
  6. Practise makes perfect is all I can say.
  7. Yes you are right, practicing the wrong thing makes a perfect mess all I can say.
  8. i like to think that practice makes PERMANENT!

    Because if you practice the wrong way, then its stuck that way for a while........

    Thats why its sometimes good to focus on one think and make sure you're doing it right.

    Sometimes i do need to just step away for a while and let it simmer.......
  9. One thing I found useful is that when you stop praticing it and take a break for it while then learn it again it comes out wayyyy more better. You just need a break if it doesn't work out at first.
  10. It's like driving a car. When you drive a car for the first time, mostly you are apprehensive. But if you stop and drive the next day or the day after, you are more confident from your previous experience. Then once you learn the move (or to drive) you can over practice. Where you can slightly do a move (or turn) and then later you can't. Your brain over thinks. So it is possible to over practice. Not to say practicing is bad. Practice doesn't equal perfect. Perfect practice equals perfection.

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