Propaganda Takedown

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Mr. Alex, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. nice work!
  2. EVerything, the flourishes, the editing and the camerawork were GREAT (which camera did you use for that?)

    but I think that it was imitating the original a BIT to much.
  3. some things which you did really badly just killed the video for me. the one handed displays and the triangles.

    also, look into colour correction. the camerawork is great, but adjusting the tone a little can do wonders for a video.
  4. Very good:D

    Looked like a D&D version of he trailer.
  5. Agreed, btw I hated your pandora,anti-smooth.

    Also the le paul spread and your triangles are off.
  6. I kind of like the stiffness that he put onto that M4. Didnt like the pandora, and the triangles though.

    Also, the ending kinda killed it for me too. When the cards was hitting your hat. and bouncing off. Nah.
  7. You guys left out a lot of parts that made the 'Propaganda' video awesome, and the video could use some color correction.

    As for the flourishes, I'm not gonna say anything...

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