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Sep 1, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Seriously when I saw this I was reminded of the feeling I got when I first saw damn trick I have ever seen. That change and subsequent display IS what real magic looks like. The reactions in that clip were priceless.

Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
I feel like I could already do this because all 3 bill switches (hundy 500, extreme burn, Prophet) look like the same "construction". So I think I'm going to do what RebelAce is doing and wait for a few reviews to see how it compares to the both of them, unless it will say in the description tomorrow.
Oct 28, 2007
yeah same here when i saw fraud i was awe struck i thought about it for weeks but i couldn't figure it out! :D
Sep 4, 2007
Oh my god. This is hella weird. Yesterday on myspace, I was typing with Tom and I said that I would scream if it releases on Friday. Guess what happens. It will release on Friday. That was hella weired.
Dec 17, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
This is a really nice trick. The preview for it was awesome.

By the way, doe anyone know if this can be done with Australian currency, or is it gimmicked with the US money?


Me and a few others have been asking this for a while, but nobody has answered. It's really starting to annoy me.
Mar 17, 2008
I mean nobody who knows the secret. I didn't expect forum members to know. :p

Ah, okay. Thanks for having something close to an answer. Thanks.

*crosses fingers*

I know there are some currency limitations, I don't want to steer anyone the wrong way with specific denominations as I don't know which will work or won't work.


Elite Member
Aug 31, 2007
Other currencies

Guys I think I can answer the question of other currencies as I've played around with Hundy 500 and even Pat Pages easy money for a few years now.

If you want to change a small denomination (say a $1) into a larger denomination (say $100) the bills need to be the same size.

That means that if you're in the UK (like me) it won't work. However that doesn't mean you can't do the trick (or at least some version of it)
Pat Page's original trick (as far as I can remember) suggested using pieces of magazine or scrap paper cut to the size of the bill you want to change it into.
If this doesn't suit here are a couple of ideas:
Changing currency-Euros to Pounds for example. (just find two of the notes that have the same dimensions and away you go)
or (and here's the one I used to use) lottery tickets into money. Built in patter and you can trim down lottery tickets to the perfect size without making them look too suspicious.

So in short the bad news is that the currency you use needs to be the exact same size.
The good news, here's your chance to be creative, it will work with any currency (who even says this has to be done as a money change?!) as long as the dimensions of the things being changed are the same.

Hope that helps,

did anyone notice that he changes ones into hundreds and then he changes the hundreds back to ones

Yes I did. Unless he did the trick in reverse. Like start with 100's and decided to change them to 1's.

Another thing I also noticed is that he handed out 1 of the bills at the beginning so they could check it out. Then proceeded to perform the effect, which I thought was a very nice touch.

Sep 1, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Handing out a single bill is enough for me. I am not handing anyone a $100 bill if I decide to do this with $100's. I am thinking about doing $2's to $20's because not everyone has seen a $2 bill and handing it out will cement it a bit in my eyes.

1) Will we have to supply our own hundred dollar bills?
2) Will this take the place of the 1-on-1 tonight?
3) Lastly, with some of the other tricks they posted the page for the trick in the Tricks section long before it was actually relased. Why did they stop doing that?

I'm hyped. Only 4 hours, 51 minutes, and 31 seconds remaining!
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