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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cardz9863, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. So, I've been doing magic for about 4 years, starting in grade 5. I'm in the first year of high school right now, and things have been really crazy. I absolutely love magic, it's been and still is one of the things I'd like to pursue for the rest of my life... But recently, in the past few months, that passion, that fire has been burned out, it feels like. I'm not sure what I could do to... Re ignite, to set that fire up again, I've tried performing and stuff, but it's not cutting it. But I haven't gotten anything new in these past months to mess around with, and have re watched all my old DVDs and read the books and still nothing... Should I get new material? Any ideas on what to do...?

  2. Go to a convention, join a magic club. Get to know magicians!!! It is Great to be able to have someone to bounce ideas off of, especially if they are better than you. And reread all the books. You missed some things.

    Good Luck,
  3. I think this happens to near enough everyone at some point. Don't try and force the love for magic; it won't work. Give magic a break, leave it for the meantime and focus on other things. One day, you'll be sat there and you'll have a stroke of genius and dive for the nearest deck of cards, or you'll find yourself idly rolling a coin across your knuckles and somebody will ask you for a trick or something. If you try and make it happen, you'll just get frustrated and bored. If magic is for you, it'll rekindle the flames by itself in time.
  4. I agreed with him. Sometimes, we lose motivation at some time.
  5. For some reason i have kinda like the same problem here, and then i came across this video that motivates me to just go out and entertain people ...
  6. Well from the sound of things, you are only a card magician. I suggest "broadening your horizons". Try something new. Gambling sleights, mentalism, coins, cardistry. There's always something left to learn.

  7. i agree with most people here. but amodernmagician makes the most sense to me.

    get out of card magic. buy J.b Bobos. or SPONGE.
  8. I also agree with these things, I don't know how well taking a break is, it might work for you. One of my friends whom I started in magic with lost the "spark," he stopped performing and fooling with cards and doesn't find it interesting anymore which is a shame because he was very talented, though to each his own.

    I would try to expand your scope, try out some different forms of magic. What worked for me best was creating some original effects for myself. When I got sick of magic it was because everything started looking the same to me, all the effects seem to accomplish the same thing. So I created my own effects that suited my taste and that has worked so far.
    I also look for what motivates me to keep pushing my magic. Seems to work. Hope you the best.

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