Q: Elite points even if i dont purchase from the website?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OveRide, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. So, since the time and cost of shipping is a little high, I checked out some local retailers who sell Theory11 decks, but even after buying 2- 3 decks I'm still missing out on the elite points I could have gained...so is there a way to probably earn these points or ill have to purchase the product from the website itself?

  2. Happy to answer! You can only earn elite points by purchasing directly from the theory11 website itself. We cannot apply elite points to purchases made outside of our online store.
  3. On the other hand, if you do purchase elsewhere, you might be earning reward points from whatever retailer you're using.

    So depending on who your favourite retailer is, you're still getting some return for your purchase of Theory11 decks ... which you can use towards more Theory11 decks!
  4. unfortunately the retailer I purchase from doesn't even have a rewards system :(
  5. I always get rewarded when I purchase a deck of 11's, a luxury playing card at mediocre pricing. And at target u gotta look out for the buy2get1 free sales. That's like 6.65 per deck.
  6. I will note that you can get a lot of elite points on the holiday wheel thing. That's actually where I've gotten the majority of mine.
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  7. A great way to earn more points is to review the stuff you have purchased from T11. If you have any original trick idea you can post your trick on the T11 marketplace as well. You can post it for free or even sell the trick!
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  8. haha me too and I won a few SNC's
  9. Oh yeah i knew about that
  10. Can you earn points by reviewing a deck that you didn't buy directly from the Theory 11 website? I have a few I picked up from a bookstore, but I don't know if I am allowed to review those or not.
  11. Absolutely! Just make sure the reviews are unique to each deck and not a copy and paste, and not something short like "cool deck" so it will be published.
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  12. Yea i too pick TXI decks now from a local website..

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