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    Does anyone know where I could by the items required for the thing Rich describes in the DVD? Office/Home Depot and Walmart do not have them.
  2. yeah that happend to me 2..
  3. He said to try a craft store other wise you could try ebay you can find everything on ebay
  4. Any craft store I'm sure, I got mine at michaels.
    I paid a bit more than I'd thought I would for the letters too, it's worth it tough
  5. Ink is easy to find but the color may not be, Michaels or Target should do and letters from Michaels and yes the letters are much more than I thought but make sure you do not get the sticky back kind letters because they have more cons than pros.
  6. hmmm, isn't this sorta on the lines of exposure?
  7. There is alot of exposure going on here.

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