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  1. I was looking at Derren Brown's website and when you click on "Products" it requires you to input "Eugene's Surname". Can anybody offer any help on this? Thanks
  2. Here's a clue: He looks like Santa Clause :D
  3. Thinking of his surname, I could just eat one. In fact, I'm starving...


    This is the exact reason why measures like that are put in place. So only those serious about mentalism purchase his products.

    -Sam H
  4. His surname is magic!

    the question is for serious mentalists and magicians, for a serious dvd.
  5. You know, I never understood these "password protected" magic sites. None of the questions are particularly difficult to magicians, but I always think of how a simple google search will reveal all the answers to laypeople...
  6. I got it---Thanks all
  7. What's your favorite food? Do you by any chance like burgers?
  8. Mark Edward's website requires the name of a mentalist who at one point wore two nail writers simultaneously. I'm having trouble tracking that one down, and what kills me is the feeling that it's already in one of the books I own and I keep missing it.
  9. Now thats intense. Two nail writers and the question, i dont have a collection of books for this but man this would be awesome to search for!

  10. I've got no idea, but I'm pretty sure Corinda mentions it when he tells the reader about "swami greats" to keep the reader "humble and motivated."
  11. He's bigger than a bread box and smaller than a out of shape Ox.

    That picture gave away a clue. He's the guy mentioned in the book "The First Psychic."
  12. Ironically, Mr. Eugene is not a mentalist.

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