Ready to vanish a coin for REAL?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by damagic, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Why does everybody have to make a webcam video like that? Honestly what happened to just doing it in real time and not all fancy.
  2. I'm pretty sure this is Fickle Nickel... good vanish for cameras, not so much for live performance. I believe I saw Siegfried or Roy do this on a special about 10 years ago. Gets a great reaction on TV.
  3. Why doesn't someone do a coin vanish/switch without closing their hand, with no cover and with no gimmicks?

    now that would be magic!

  4. Nice. I'm stumped
  5. nice - i found the name and where to get it

    first of all nice performance.
    i think that the "normal" coin vanish ant the beggining isnt that necessary but it doesnt realy matter. again very nice performance.

    after lots of searching i found that its called the "vapor" coin vanish and you can buy it here-

    but still i have no clue how its be done. :(


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