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  1. Wow.

    Ive just bought a great trick.

    Only a problem:

    Where can I buy a chapstick in Spain?!?
  2. Answer:

    The Internet!

  3. Do you have any drug stores in your area? Thats where I got mine.
  4. Hehehe. Knew you'd buy Redline.

    Try finding a pharmacy/drug store. I get my chapstick from stores like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, etc. I'd try I bought a pack of three of their walgreens brand cherry chapstick for like, 2 dollars. It's a good deal.
  5. Carrefour?
  6. Are just in Spain for a little while, or do you live there and decided to buy a trick using a prop thats not in use in your area?
  7. That's actually a good question... I'm sure they sell chapstick in spain, but maybe not in the same form. I've seen some chapstick things come in a little circular thing about half an inch tall and around the same size as a quarter in circumference which you rub on using your fingers..
  8. You know... CVS.... Walmart.. Do they have those in spain? You can probably also get the other thing you need at those stores also...
  9. He probably has the other thing(s), they're very common in households.
  10. OK thank you!
  11. What is the brand of the chapstick Dan Hauss uses in the trick? I could buy it from eBay...
  12. What is the brand of the chapstic Dan Hauss uses in the video?
  13. Well, there is something that I don't quite understand. In the description, it's said that "a genuine Chapstick is shown all the way around and the cap is removed and held in your left hand. In the blink of an eye, the cap is visibly thrown back on the tube." But, in the review someone said that we cannot show the chapstick because of the gimmick.So my question is: can we let the spectator examine the chapstick or if they pull out the cap the gimmick is too obvious?
  14. There's a method to show the entire thing. They can even pull off the cap and you can twist out the chapstick to show it's legitimate. Just requires a little thinking on how to conceal it - no biggie.
  15. Ok, thank you very much I really appreciate.

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