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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chris311, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. I already explained it.

    You want to cut people out of the forum for not having reached an arbitrary bar of magic academia. Who do you think you are to tell people that?

    I didn't ask for your resume. And frankly, I distrust people who try to bludgeon me with their accolades. I don't like anyone who thinks they have something to prove.

    Am I supposed to be impressed? I speak English as well as you do. The difference is that I'm not afraid to say what is on my mind, nor do I claim to be better than anybody else.

    Then answer their questions, and the thread will drop off the first page quickly enough. And don't give me excuses about how you're trying to defend the reputations of the administrators.

    Then why did you start this thread?

    Here's some news for you. I belong to a music forum. About two years ago, I noticed the quality of posts going down. So I started a weekly series of write-ups on lesser known bands from my collection in order to broaden people's horizons. After a couple months of that, the forums came alive and about a dozen other people had series threads going themselves, all on different topics.

    Most recently, I wrote up my Who Are You? articles for Ellusionist and then posted them here. It was a distillation of all the knowledge I had learned on my own and from the positive influences in my life. I'm currently working on an essay about researching real-world mythology, superstitions, and science to mine for scripting and routining in magic and mentalism.

    What have you done?
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    I mean no offense in the slightest, but if you are trying to argue intelligence, bringing up your education is a bad move. You should not have to tell people how smart you are, they should be able to discern that on their own.

    I also hate to bring up the old adage about arguing with someone on the internet. Steerpike has made good points, and you have made good points.

    This is a conversation which has gone from a discussion, to a debate, to an outright attack on each other. You both are talking about what should be good for the Theory11 members, yet you are both contributing to the kinds of posts you are trying to avoid.

    Aside from that, I think the amount of freedom and leeway we are given on this forum, and the fact that the artists themselves will answer questions directly, joke around with everyone, and so on, is awesome.

    Everybody has to start somewhere. If we keep closing off peoples abilities to learn magic, there will be no progress. If someone comes onto the board, and in a civil manner (read: no net speak, well thought out posts) who cares if they ask who Dai Vernon is? They are interested and are looking to learn. Why does it matter?

    Just my .02

  3. Chris,

    While I am sure way deep down under the fancy wording and catchy phrases your point of making this a better place isn't completely lost. The credibility of Theory 11 doesn't rest on the state of the forums or the content contained within it. It is certainly a part of it but the credibility of Theory 11 is largely and almost completely based on their business practices and the material they are releasing. In some small part the credibility of the artists backing the site also come into play but this is a new venture everyone is standing around waiting for this place to mature and get beyond the first 12-18 months.

    Steerpike nailed it in all honesty and I hope you take his advice. If you see topic come up that is easily answered then just answer it, the topic shakes off to the next page eventually. Eventually there will be enough answers that the search function will be meaningful here instead of having to point people to other forums for their answers. If you feel it isn't worth your time to answer a question then just ignore the topic altogether, someone else will answer it eventually.

    I am impressed that you have two degree's in all honesty. I am glad you have worked hard in school to achieve what you have done. When you wave them around it looks a bit arrogant at best though, which is probably why you got the reaction you did. I don't recall anyone asking for resumes either.

  4. For clarification, I stated that I have 2 degrees in Political Science because elitism was mentioned and was used out of context. Not once did I "wave" my degrees around as some have contended.

    Steerpike, you speak English as well as I do?

    "What have you done"?

    Well, I wouldn't want to be flaunting my education now would I? ;)

    I'm going to stop this back and forth bickering. This proves to be an endless cycle of debate.
  5. Merely making a point that I'm not impressed by big words.

    Don't be glib about this. You advocated locking off the forums to those who did not meet an arbitrary "intellectual" bar in order to filter out content that did not meet your standards. I advocated answering questions, no matter how ignorant you thought they were and then contributing your own writings to raise the bar on quality. What do you have to say about that?

    You want intelligent discourse? It's time to put up. I gave you a counterpoint which Jim is backing up and putting to you to consider as well. If you walk out now without contributing anything intelligent, then I don't ever want to hear you criticize me or anyone else again for not meeting your standards of discourse.
  6. Wait, what are you guys arguing about?

    It's not really any of my business, but isn't this what we're trying to avoid?

    I see cases for both sides.

    Chris: I see you're angle of wanting to keep this place streamlined, but I think we shouldn't force it. Just let it be. The reason this place is great is because it is allowed to evolve and isn't controlled by the KGB (sorry Steerpike, I had to, I just had to). So, Chris, let's ease up on the ethnic cleansing of your so-called "ridiculous forum post."

    Steerpike: First of all, I know we've had some friction with the whole Fascist-Communist thing, but now don't you see what I mean? It's snobbish to be a rules lawyer. And you now agree with me, that we need to let the forums be. But at the same time, making such a huge deal out of a kind of innocuous post seems pointless. I'd say to just let it go. I think everyone's opinion has been stated.

    Let's just keep stuff in proportion.


    (heheh, friction)
  7. "Fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side~"

    I can honestly say my grasp in english is primodial at best sometimes and I do not have such impressive credentials as Mr.Chris. But one should know that on the internet some words tend to be used to illustrate something that was not its original intent. But heck isn't that how languages are anyways?

    Both Steerpike and Chris should also realise that a good arguement should have none of these fallacies that seem to be rampant. Especially AdHominen ;)

    Longman too has the idea, a good arguement should look at both good and bad points to avoid biasness...


    I still think that we need the off topic section for all our nonsense.
    Also.. I read somewhere in the forums that people these days do not have the right ammount of respect for the greats.. such as Dai Vernon.. and you know how to do that? By teaching (internet jargon here.. be prepared!) the 'Noobs' about him and respect will increase definitely.

    Think about it.. and mods.. if this thread goes out of hand.. lock/move/remove/make it dissappear ;)
  8. You know... the fact that we have such heated, harsh arguments with personal attacks and name callings is showing that Theory11 needs to be refined.

    Let's all cool down, come on.

    - harapan. magic!
  9. Lets settle this with a crimp battle.. .booyah!
  10. Not really friction, more like mild annoyance over a pet peeve.
  11. Yeah, I just felt like saying friction so I could laugh at the end...heheh, friction.
  12. Guys,

    I'm going to ahead and close this thread per the request of numerous members, as this thread has gotten very heated.

    All of the content in the forums is created by us, the members, and because the forum has many members, ranging from different ages, backgrounds, etc., what one user finds interesting and important may not necessarily align with what another user thinks.

    The best thing to do is to simply get back to the magic. Thanks!

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