Restless by Dan Hauss

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  1. I am with you prae in my show there are two effects that require billet switches. So instead of ditching and going back to the dummy billet later I have one billet palmed for a good 8 minutes. For no reason other than I have no reason to go near my pockets.
  2. Check out AkiraFist's video review. It is NOT mine. I don't like to post other people's things, but this just made my day and I thought you should see it. AkiraFist's hilarious video review.
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    Hahahaha. I've only read the first page, and this so ridiculous.

    Dan Hauss doesn't even have a good rep in the magic community, yet he is being praised as the next "Creative God" by people who aren't even credible enough or the have status to call him that.

    So the guy who reviews it doesn't like it and tells his honest opinion and gets bashed for it, wow okay, I guess we all can't have negative opinions towards a product.

    Also, I hear a majority of the tricks require you to BUILD A GIMMICK. The hell? This is a 3 DVD set, right? So you're saying I need to build 3 DVDs worth of gimmicks? Screw that.

    I've also watched AkiraFist's review as I have suscribed to him for awhile, and his review made more sense not to waste my money on this.
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    all these uneducated kids to pull a brian tudor and get off dan hauss' balls. this is pathetic. half of you don't even seem to have the dvds, shut up and go practice. I haven't heard a good word about these dvds from anyone respectable.

    mike hankins- how is flourishing not an artform? people create and sometimes express themselves through that not art? Apparently your a martial arts expert...ever heard of Capoeria? Thats a lot like're denser then a dying sun...
  5. Now now, no need to get nasty... You sound like a kid without his ice cream. Whilst I agree with you that flourishing is an artform, I will admit that there are several meaningful and significant objections to this opinion. All I'm saying is, please engage with what he says without insulting them with bad jokes.
  6. The fact that you spelled Capoeira incorrectly tells me that you do not know enough about the martial art to compare it to something which is entirely different, but I will let your ignorance and lack of education shine right through my denseness.

    Watching someone flourish with a pack of cards is very cool to watch annnnnnnd that is about it. But you are is self-expression. So with that I raise the white flag to all of the flourish artists out there.
  7. For some reason, this made me giggle.
  8. Seriously dude..pickin on somebodys spelling. Really mature.
  9. Do you ever reply to a thread with anything other than nasty troll worthy flames? I have never once read a single reply from you that was constructive.

    Though you may be right, that doesn't mean that you're not an ass about it.
  10. But insulting someone and throwing a tantrum is totally cool.

    Look, if you're gonna support your mate, at least make it less obvious.
  11. In my opinion, it's extremely hard to give a review without some sort of bias. Every magician comes to the table with his own preconceived ideas as to how the DVDs could have improved. All you need to do is recognize the facts: lots of gimmicks used, limited presentational ideas, ect. And the opinions: "The DVDs sucked." Once you learn to separate the hard facts from the subjective opinions of the reviewer, you can more appreciate the actual review itself.

    Just one man's opinion...

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