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  1. hey everyone i just wanted to ask you know that revelation where you force a card and then take out a sealed envelope and it says you will pick wtvr card you forced bla bla bla well i though about this knew way where will make it even more impossible lets just say your gonna go out and perform street magic for a couple of hours ok and before you leave your gonna make your envelopes but in whatever country your in their has to be a really common name so u just right lets say your in america and u just right mike or bob whatever and say you will choose this card im just askin has this ever been done like just guess im sure you will find some one named mike in america cuz i stayed there the whole summer so FEEDBACK PLZ!! thanks again

  2. Hi Aly,

    That was a bit tough to read! I understand that you are performing an effect where someone selects a card and then you bring out a prediction envelope stating not only their card, but also their name.

    If this is what you're looking for, check out Mike Kras' "Destiny Effect" available at

    In Destiny, you will have a spectator name out loud any card, this card is found in the deck and turned over to reveal their own name written on the back!!

    I think this could be exactly what you're looking for and it's very cheap and very effective!


  3. hey dee thanks for the comment i wasnt asking for a product i was asking if other have thought of it before and if you couldnt understand from what is said im soory ok this is it its just like lets say you already wrote a bunch of names john,bob,michael etc and you have their name on the envelope case and then when you go up to someone say "hi you guys wanna see some magic" spectators:"sure" ALY:eek:k my name is aly whats your names?spectators:sarah and michael.and now u can force the card and continue with the trick i hope you undestand i see its kinda difficult to read.

  4. I understand the effect, a lot of mentalists carry around various things with names, dates, etc written on or within them.

    I recommended Destiny as it's a much easier thing to carry around and you would be much more likely to hit on their name unless you carry a big bag full of envelopes! It would have the same impact, but is much more workable. Check it out!


  5. Yes you could carry around a few envelopes with popular names like 'Michael' or 'John' but I would recommend:
    a) Doing pre-show and finding out someone's name simply by introducing yourself before the show if you are doing stand-up.
    b) Overhearing someone's name in a conversation, setting up your message, then approaching them (don't eavesdrop, just use this if you happen to hear their name)
    c) A simple thing that I know a few mentalists do is just write down what a person is wearing instead of their name, that way your prediction can read: 'Tonight I will meet a girl in a blue dress. When asked to think of a card, she will name...the seven of hearts'. With this method you can have it set up until you meet someone wearing the right thing or you could see someone, write your prediction, then pounce!
    I also think you should take a look at Michael Kras' 'Destiny Effect'. I don't own this but Michael is a great magician and a cool guy and it looks pretty neat. Here's the effect in motion -

  6. Daniel Madison also has some effects similiar to that. See "180" from One, or even the device from Pariah.
  7. Thanks for the plugs guys! Destiny has a LOT of work put into it to make it as practical as possible... one of my favourite effects of this nature to perform.

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