RIOT by Dan Hauss - Details & The Dizzle - Friday, October 31st

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  1. wow, a 1on1 longer than a DVD, sounds cool
  2. I'm still waiting for exile.
  3. How can anyone here possibly be dissapointed!?? It's not like you guys stayed home and planned your whole week around being here for a 1-on-1. Plus, did you even read about what the 1-on-1 is going to be!?? That sounds freaking insane! i think its worth waiting a month over.
    Anyway im excited haha I dont know about you guys.

  4. Freedom of speech right?
  5. Can you really say that? Of course they are making money off this. However, Theory 11's quality of products is unmatched. Theory 11 offers new 1 on 1 downloads almost every week. If they don't, then there is something to make up for it between either white Centurions or like this week where there is a 1 on 1 coming out almost as long as a normal DVD.

    I'm always for quality over quantity.

    The DVD's are AMAZINGLY well done. The content is wonderful. The 1 on 1's are great. (We even got a freebie last week.) Everything Theory 11 releases is top notch quality.

    Theory 11's DVD's could had easily been made in a day and sold. Obviously quality would not be there as much, but they would still making a ton of money by simply throwing together a good trailer.

    Everything you see on Theory 11 is worked on for a long time before release.

    So can you say they are doing this for us? Yes and no. Contrary to belief, JB, Wayne Houchin, and Dana Hocking are in fact people. They do need to make a living. However, they know how to make a darn good product for us all to enjoy.


    Please Note: The studies conducted to test whether JB, Houchin, and Hocking are people had no type of controls. It was based entirely on nothing.
  6. I dont mind the wait. The effect sounds cool, kinda like fallen but hopefully not as angle sensitive, and better. I've got my fingers crossed...
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    I LOVE the wait. In fact, what is the wait? Because I'm starting to get the impression that it's hype.

    But then again...

    This is a great spot for 8 year olds to hang out. Huh?

    I lose a year every year that I gain.

    In other words, stop acting like children. Is that too much to ask?

    Maybe.... because some 10 year old is hell bent on not hearing my thoughts.

    Nice advertising thread by the way pretty boy.
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    I'm not usually one to fight on forums, but I do wonder what makes you think that I'm 8? Hype is, by the way, how magic is sold now. 8 year olds everywhere would never be able to get their mommys and daddys to buy them stuff from their precious magic sites if it weren't for would know all about that now wouldn't you. Sorry if my disdain for fallen has offended you, but this 'RIOT' reminded me of the last crappy 'card rises to the top visually' effect I saw, and I'm hoping this doesn't suck. No need to be a rude about it [edited].
  9. I think you have that backwards.
  10. I'd look over my shoulder and say the same thing. (Just a joke peace).
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    Well, I'm inherently rude which is obvious with most of my dialogues. I'm sorry that I called you 8. 8.

    Most importantly I think instead of having the next best thing... Don't think you do unless you're completely sure! This applies to all of us!

    On a sad note. The card coming to the top each time doesn't need some great ending. Like, it did again! Now I'll make it super visual.... No, please chill on the idea that no one thought of guys...
  12. longer than the usual DVD? i have to admit, the description alone had me intrigued.

    I love new ways to accomplish the ambitious card effect, and am very much looking forward to this release.

    to the guys @ T11:

    is this purely sleight of hand? or is there some sort of self-made gimmick involved?
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    Thank you for calling me [edited]. I think that is very respectful in a really queer way.

    Jeez, every opportunity that comes along has basically made history with someone thinking they can call someone else "WHATEVER". Do you think you could stand face to face with me and say the same thing that you wrote? Because seriously, if you're not sure go back to your blackboard. [edited].

  14. I can wait. I have a life I guess. :confused:
  15. Sound kinda like fallen by dannyt g
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    What's with you guys: Fans alot and Mills.

    [edited]? Alright Dane Cook... Is that really needed. So you two disagree, I get that and I'm sorry that one insulted another. Take your argument somewhere else because nothing is being accomplished by you two. This is about the 1 on 1 section and how they are trying to help us out by not selling crap. (Thanks Theory 11).

    Get over that one thinks you're eight, and that the person being called eight disagrees.

    Why not give constructive input rather than trying to figure out just how you're going to hose each other down with insults. I think it would be much appreciated by all.

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    Never EVER resort to homophobia as a way of insulting people. It shows a lot about your maturity. Seriously, you won't make any friends on these forums saying things like that and it won't help you get your point of view across.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, sounds crazy awesome, JBayme, can't wait for this one to come up. I mean people wouldn't complain about a dvd not being made and sold in just a week and this one is nearly the length of a dvd, or so we are led to believe. I dunno what you guys are on but this sounds great to me...
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    If this is so good'n'long - Why are you guys at theory11 not selling it as a dvd?

    It seems to make more sense to me, seeing as though it's going to be an hour long (or more) and it's going to take a hella load of time to download :rolleyes: Alas, I will say i'm slightly dissapointed at not having a 1on1, but if it means waiting for a Brand New feature length effect - I'm all yours.

    But the download time is going to be long isn't it :rolleyes:?

    ooh ooh wait - It's because Dan Hauss isn't an artist here isn't it? ooh I get it now...

    EDIT: found out it's going to be 20+ minutes long, so not so long waiting time.
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    I seem to remember reading in a different thread that it's going to be around 20 minutes. It'll take a bit of time to download but not too long hopefully. Anyway, you can instant download control and that's nearly 2 hours.

    EDIT: Yup, here it is
  20. Can't wait to get it, Dan hauss is great. Does anyone know what the price will be?

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