Robert Smith and Dan Hauss lecture

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TrickZoneMagic, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. If you are around the Philadelphia area. This Wednesday February 24th TrickZone Philly will be holding its first lecture. Robert Smith and Dan Hauss will be teaching all kinds of great stuff and talking about their years of experience. This is a must see event. Tickets are $20.00. E-mail or call to reserve today.
  2. Guys,

    b.Smith and Dizzle are two of the most accomplished and talented thinkers in the magical underground. if you haven't had an opportunity to experience their magic live, this is a change you shouldn't pass up....
  3. @TrickZoneMagic,

    Why are these lectures always on Wednesdays or weekdays? Couldn't they be on a Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday? Due to school, the weekends are my only days off, and a Wednesday is really odd...?

    I'd love to attend, but wouldn't more people (including myself) attend if it wasn't on a work/school day? Just a thought.
  4. I do apologize for all the weekday events over here. This was the result of when it best fit their schedules. There will be more to come on weekends soon.
  5. More people should head up to Boston (ahem Eric) haha
  6. That actually sounds like a great lecture. Both of them have great minds. They're the kinds of names you'll be hearing in the future as greats. I would definitely drop everything and go... if I weren't practically on the other side of the country.

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