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    Alright, well I see your point - although I strongly disagree with what you say about the Clipshift. Have you heard what many respected magicians are saying about this? It's not wow. It's nowhere near one of the best controls. And everything it can do, other sleights can do better - mediocre versatility is nonetheless mediocre. The clipshift is only popular because Dan&Dave marketed it. What if say MY Magic had? I doubt it would've sold as much.

    But this isn't about the Clipshift, and I do see your point in about the SWE - though to be honest I'm not sure how much it can be improved again.
  2. any sleight can become better by playing with it.for instance tenkai has so many ways of getting the card in the palm, and has become one of the best palms out there.

    And by your logic if dan and dave made a cool double lift people would only like it because dan,dave used it. so people can create crap and then sell it like crazy, that...sucks.

    i take it you did not learn the clip shift. i didn't either, because it takes too long for one move.
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    And isnt that happening? Everything that the bucks sell is like hot bread......

    And about the clipshift...Prae, I have seen you In a lot of other threads talking about the clipshift the way you are now and I want to say something.... If other magicians, or top pros dont like the clipshift, well, I dont care! is that simple, The guy performing its me, not them so Ill use whatever suits me fine, and to be honest the clipshift is working perfect for me...it fits my neceesities, have you ever tried to combine the gravity half pass with the clipshift? Its working wonders for me man:D
  4. thank you. you see what i mean, i use whatever looks cool, and is versytle. i don't care how tough it is either. now i don't like the clip shift, but i won't judge.
    were do you learn the gravity half pass, iv been hearing it a lot. i know the regular half pass.
  5. The Gravity Half Pass is taught in Aaron Fisher's excellent book The Paper Engine. It's a little tough to get used to the movements, but it's well worth it.

    That's exactly what I'm saying. A lot more people would know about it and use it, than if say Bruce Cervon created it. It does suck, and it's terrible. Take The Gecko for example. It's been out for many months, and barely anyone knew about it. Suddenly, Ellusionist markets it, and everyone's asking about it. Suddenly people know about it. Why? They only know about it and are only interested because Ellusionist has marketed it. So yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

    RDC - If it works for you, use it. I don't really care either, and I'm not stopping anyone from using it. I simply believe that there are better moves for any purpose, so I'll stick with the better sleights - and nasavai, you're right, I haven't learnt the Clipshift.
  6. Its about reasons, I agree with you 100%, I know that a lot of people use the clipshift because it was advertised by dan and dave, on my case, I learned the gravity half pass (still practicing, 4 months on the make ;) ) and then I investigated the mechanics of the clipshift and I realised it could work for me, and it has :D

    Sadly, as you say, a lot of people just buy the things for the hype of it:(

  7. and thats why magic is dying. So called "underground" sites, that every body and theyre brother know about.

    I wanna live back in the days with no internet, where people used something called imagination and made up their own effects. you know?
  8. Good point you made, but who are Dan&Dan, has he cloned himself?

    But seriously, that is a big problem, that mediocre magic is marketed by giants, and wildly bought: In a similar premise to Jerry's, because famous magicians used them, and then they were hyped, people bought, and in general, were dissapointed. Another thing similar to this was over at the Dan & Dave site On Demands, Myles Nakouzi's HDTV trick was put on there, and I thought that was ridiculous; I had seen, more or less, that same routine done by some Youtube chump, and it isn't that quality, but it's Myles Nakouzi, so it was sold, when other magic, even on Youtube, is such quality, but never even looked at by bigger companies. For me this is the biggest problem these days, that average things are sold, and sold well, because of who it's from.

    But returning to the original question, in my opinion, learn the classic pass first, great move, but then learn the S.W.E. Shift, I reccomend learning every move, even slightly useful, possible. The more moves you have, the more versaltile you can be when performing. And once you have learnt it and other moves, vary them, then no-one will catch them.

    Hop this helped in one way or another,
    Tom Field
  9. Ahahaha, f***. Sorry. Thanks haha :p
  10. Jerry Nuggets were so hyped because they last a lot longer than normal bikes. I'm pretty sure back in the day Vernon and Marlo maybe had about 2-3 decks of Jerry Nuggets on them and didn't use any new decks for a long time.

    As for the Pass. I suggest you learn the Classic Pass and SLOWLY work on making it smooth and effortless. Then work on stuff like the Spread Pass, Jiggle Pass, Riffle Pass and Dribble Pass.

    I would say learn the Gravity half Pass later on, because it can used for an awesome Color Changing Deck routine and also for other tricks that Aaron Fisher uses in his book.

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