Saturday Night Contest - 1-on-1 Performance Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. I probably wont be able to film today due to finals and my mom freaking out about them.
  2. I'm hoping there will be more contests like this, I'd love to enter but I have no idea where my cam recorder wire for my pc is.
  3. I would love to join in the fun but it's my anniversary with my girlfriend and I don't think she'd be happy being my camerawoman. Sorry! :(
  4. Just Got Back! I hav a question though, The theory 11 1 on1 Trick is there, but can I upload my whole routine? like I did the trick, and then did like 4 others...:confused:
  5. Six hours remaining... be sure to allow plenty of time for your video to upload!
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    Here Is My Submission!

    I Did "The Biddle Trick", Which was taught by Jonathan Bayme in a 1 on 1.

    EDIT:: There was a lot more in the routine, but this was just part of it for the contest. If anyone is interested in seeing the rest, tell me.
  7. Here is my submission. I've spent the last few hours trying to come up with a routine that uses most of Aaron Fisher's 1on1s. I think I used all of them except for his strike change for I could not for the life of me find a logical place to fit it in. So here it is:

    The moves from 1 on 1s are (in order):

    Overhand Shuffle Control
    Backslip force
    Four (Modified Ending)
    Outjog Hermann Shift (combined with the Vesser Shift)
    Double Lift
  8. I did the same trick too! jesus, it wil take a while to upload mine...
  9. Ah man. Found out about this too late. Plus I haven't really mastered any 1on1. Good luck to everyone! I love these video contests :)

  10. That's funny, I went out to perform last night and the effect didn't even cross my mind! I was doing sloppy shuffle triumph. It was just today when I woke up, realizing that The Biddle trick was a 1 on 1!
  11. jesus! the video its 50% up and it still has to be converted, how much time do I still have?
  12. You've got like 4 more hours... you'll be fine.
  13. I think it's a safe bet you are from Mexico, if so, most of Mexico is Central Time I think. So At 10:00 pm It has to be submitted.
  14. You are correct... or at least about Central Time and Mexico... I'm from Missouri. Woo!
  15. That was really good!
  16. Yea, I was talkin' about RD. Any cool magic spots in Missouri?
  17. why thank you, i hope everyone else enjoys it as well.
  18. None that I know of. Sounds like all the cool ones are near the coasts. There's at least one good magic shop around here, and a lot of touristy-type shops, but other than that it's basically a magic deadzone.

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