Saturday Night Contest - 1-on-1 Performance Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Does a 1on1 just have to be present in the video or does the video have to only consist of a 1on1 (flourishing-wise)
  2. What about my cookie cutter performance that's floating abou the forums? :p

    Cheers, Tom
  3. it has to be new

  4. Awwww :p I just got back from an awesome party performance, and the thing that made it that much more awesome, when everybody left I wasn't known as "Magic Man" etc, I was know as Tom Powell. It was awesome.

    Cheers, Tom
  5. Those are the best performances! I'm glad we have until tomorow though, I could've done it tonight but there would've been crazy loud music in the background! (My band (It's break btw))
  6. Not really. All I have is my laptop with no sound, makes it difficult for live performance and presentation.
  7. Hey, are we allowed to do a trick from a 1-on-1 that we haven't bought? ie. CK released a 1-on-1 on the Sloppy shuffle triumph, I haven't bought the 1-on-1, but I know the trick from Mark Willsons book, am I still allowed to do it?
  8. I'm pretty sure that would be allowed. I think it just has to have been taught as a 1on1.
  9. They Listened!!! Thanks Theory 11!:D

    Ok it's just a little something I've actually been working on for a while. I might as well give it up now :)
  11. I've seen better timing :p
    It has to be in by around 10am tomorrow, it's 6pm now. No chance, no chance.
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    Does creativity within the video itself help?
    Like the actual cinematography?
    or is it purely on presentation and execution?
    so basically my question is.
    Which has higer priority, awesome cinematography or a live performance.
    its like 8 PM right now. I have... 14 hours...
  13. In essence we can perform any trick that uses a double lift?
  14. thats what I was thinking, but im going to do a trick on here just to be safe.

    Good Luck to every one :D

    and remember Go_Out.Perform
  15. the point is to go out and perform for someone. not just a camera. anyone can do that in a half an hour. the reason we got 24 hours to do this is so we could go out and perform for someone.
    so if its just you infront of a camera, you probably wont win.
    i actually have a magic gig today all day. so i'll bring my camera and hopefully have someone tape for me. that will be epic. so hopefully i can get it back here before time is up. lol
  16. I'm going to go out and film today!!! So happy!!!
  17. Me too, Im so glad that we are going to actually see other people performances =D.

    BTW, it would be a nice idea to bring the "Go_Out.Perform" thread again, at least, if we do not win anything , we can at least learn and debrief our videos and criticise others, lets take advantage of today's contest :).

    If anyone its interested, feel free to post your video along with the debriefing there, Im looking forward too see some interesting suttf :).
  18. *sigh*

    I'd love to put what I have onto the PC but I cannot find the friggin cable, looks like a no-show for me.

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