Saturday Night Contest - 1-on-1 Performance Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. My fav. part was when the 4 found the Kings. It just looked really cool!
  2. I know how you feel.. I'm from deep south Texas, not much 'round here.
  3. I liked it, but what 1on1 was it? I've kind of been out of the loop for a while, so I didn't recognize it.
  4. no offense man its prob good like alot of ur other vids but for me maybe its my comp but its lagging very badlyyy
  5. yeah ive checked it on 4 comps, its your computer. Try clicking the HD button on the upper right corner to get rid of the HD and bring it up to par with your computer's capable speed.
  6. Here is my submission
    I just reset my entire computer's memory and did not have time to re-install Sony Vegas yet. My camera only takes videos in Mov. format and Moviemaker doesn't seem to be able to read that type of file. The watermark is for the conversion to mpeg. Sorry.
    As for the 1-on-1, it is the Biddle trick.
    this is the presentation I use most of the time and I did not have time to actually go out to record anything. I live in Hong Kong at the moment so I am actually meant to be in class right now. I just ran out to post this.
  7. Here its mine, Funniest people I have ever performed to, haha, good performance =).

    hope you guys like it.

    Bad stuff, I performed in spanish, its a shame you guys will not understand what happened there =(.
  8. Wait, what was wrong with it?
  9. I would have loved to make a live performance but couldn't do to restrictions. (Summer school)
    Umm so I thought that I would just make the small video if you can't see the trick, I apologize.

    No the reason for this posting is,
    I want to applaud those who did a live performance, but I expected it from them.
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    I didn't have time or a camera man that was able to go somewhere with me so I had to perform magic for my mom. lol. :D

    It's probably still processing.

    1 on 1's

    Classic color change
    Biddle trick
    overhand shuffle control
  11. You expected it from us?
  12. I expect nothing less from you both. You all have great standards, it was a compliment.
  13. for his computer, it was being laggy, most likely due to the quality and bitrate of the HD video. As i recommended in the latter post, turn off the HD video so that your computer can play the video smoothly. Agai nhope all enjoy the video and good luck to all entering the contest as well.
  14. Yay! A flourisher!
    I'm going to be posting mine soon.
  15. ok here is my submission:

    at the moment it may be still uploading but eventually it will be done lol. I was out in town with a couple of frends anyway today so we had some fun chilling and doing some MAGIC. Have fun watching guys.

    PS: oh and i added a little rejection in there just to show that your not always going to perform right away, and as a nice lesson lol, ok and maybe a little blooper ;)

  16. It's private.
  17. OOPS now i changed it thnx bro :)
  18. I Can't Go_Out.Perform

    I really wanted to go.out.perform., but I can't because I have a terrible cold. I'm going to have to do a performance for just my mom and grandpa. I guess it will be ok if my routine is good enough. Also, my grandpa is a funny dude.
  19. Hey Jake,

    Great performance. Work on your patter a bit more (so, uh, ok, and you repeated yourself a few times, but other than that it was fine!).

    Also, quick question, why did you introduce yourself at the end?

    Keep up the good work,


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