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  1. ok that is cool exactly 100 posts by 10:00 101 because of me
  2. What are you most proud of in magic or what you are most proud of in life.
  3. 1. who in your opinion is the funniest magician.?

    2. what magician do you find most enjoyable to watch?

    3. if you could go see a certain magicians show, who would it be?
  4. Has there ever been a point in your career were you've just wanted to give up and quit and do something else?
    Also, if you weren't a magician/flourisher, what would you be doing?

  5. How has flourishing improved/worsened magic for you?
  6. Did you go to college?
  7. What is your opinion on the war on gaza?
  8. If You were granted one wish that lets you make a trick that wouldnt be possible without the wish what would the trick or illussion be? Mine would be telling some to close there eyes while stannding outside and when they open them night has turned to day vise versa
  9. What are the facebook updates about? Are you doing a sleep deprivation stunt or is it the old insomnia kicking in again? I feel your pain... only not as bad, I'm sure. Thanks for everything Daniel.

  10. What got you started in card cheating?
  11. How did you develop your flourishing style?

    How/why did you transfer from playing at game tables to becoming a magician?

    How is magic in the UK different than magic in the U.S.?

    Anthony Nguyen
  12. What do most magicians overlook in magic?

    Do you think everyone should have their own style and character in magic?
  13. What do most magicans overlook in magic?

    Do you think everyone should have their own style and character in magic?
  14. Umm, guys, time has been up for about 50 minutes. Just sayin.
  15. What In Your opinion would be the biggest thing that is underestimated in magic today?
  16. Stop posting questions!
  17. here is my question(s)
    1.what drives you? what keeps you going?
    2.why do you love to do black and white videos? (i do too)

    congrats on the marriage!

  18. Who would you turn gay for?

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