Saturday Night Contest :: d+M roundtable discussion

1.) I have heard you say that you steered away from the magic community in order to develop your own style. But were there any magicians at all that helped turn it into what it is today?

2.) Can I have your babies?
Daniel, I have always wonders where you learn the gamble cheating technique. I had read the bio on your site, you never mention where you learn it from. After you quit gambling, what did you do?

that's all for me

Tricky Devil.
Dec 10, 2007
Question 1: Are you ever going to put your Lethal DVD into reproduction..?
Question 2: How do you keep your mustache so thick..?
Whats the most random thing to happen to you, when performing magic?

If you mess up on the trick what do you do next? What about if you flash and it is obvious to everyone in the room?

Do you feel magic is heading in the right direction? Why or Why not?

"Looks over at sinful who is getting mad at me because I am writing big and in annoying colors." :D
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
1. If you could meet anyone in the magic/flourish world, no matter dead or alive, no matter of any limitations (language, time, etc), who would it be?
2. How much did you hat cost?
3. When you first marketed your first product, what was on your mind?
4. Have you ever tried card manipulation? if so, how was it?
5. You used to cheat in casinos. Before you got caught, approximately how much did you make in total?
6. When someone says "show me something cool" what do you first show them? a flourish or a trick, or somewhere in between
Aug 31, 2007
Los Angeles
What exactly happened to you with the card cheating thing? It says you wound up in the hospital and thats what turned you towards magic. If you don't mind me asking...what went down?

Jan 15, 2008
1. When you switched over from being a card cheat/ con man, how were you able to turn that all around and become a well respected card magician.

2. How is your engagement/ marriage going!!!

3. Do you try to use your accent as misdirection at all? ( that is totally magic related JB don't deny it)
Jan 13, 2008
What was your first magic or card related tattoo? Can you tell us a bit about your tattoos? Like, any interesting stories/meaning behind them.
Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
1) How did you get into gambling? Did you start at a young age playing for cash with friends? When did you start using sleight of hand to win and for how many years did you continue until the accident?
Sorry if I duplicate any questions.

- Who do you look up to in magic? Cardistry?

- Which project was your favorite? Why?

- Do you view yourself as a pioneer of magic/cardistry? If not yourself, then who?

- On an average day, how long do you practice?

- What's your advice when it comes to hecklers?

- What do you think of the young magicians/cardists in our society?

- When did you start performing magic/cardistry? What got you into magic/cardistry?

- Why do you think people are drawn in by magic/cardistry?

- Impromptu or gimmicks?

- Can you recall one of the most vibrant magical/cardistry reactions? Explain.

- Is there a difference between magic and illusion?

- Is magic an art? Why?

- Which do you prefer more: Magic or Cardistry?

- Are you more of a creator or a performer?

- Did you always want to be a magician/cardist? If not, what other job(s) did you have in mind?

- Did you get into magic or cardistry first?

- How did you come across Theory11?

- Why don't you perform your stunts (example: Hunger) in mass public, like David Blaine does?

- How is Hunger coming along?

- Do you regret anything you did in your magic/cardistry career?

- Obama or McCain?

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Sep 2, 2007
when you first started,did you use gambling and card cheating as a way of life sort of like as a source of income and to put food on your table before doing magic and cardistry? If so, how long did you keep doing this?
Who is the sandman?
After you were caught cheating and got sent to the hospital because of it did you ever plan on cheating again.
Who inspired you to start magic?
Do you think people can do incredible things when they put there mind into it?
Do you have any gigs?
How old are you?
Did your parents know you were cheating in card games:p
Who is your favorite magician?
Dana or Andrei in editing?
How's your day been?
Do you have any future projects with theory11?
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